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Legacy Of The Witch (2005)

Legacy of the Witch (2005)

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About book Legacy Of The Witch (2005)

Legacy of The Witch is a prequel for The Portal series. I know about the new series by Maggie Shayne, since she make a gorgeous website for The Portal. Even make a song for this series. Such a dedication!As for this novella, I enjoy the story. Its fresh! Love the Babylonian myth and I always love anything that connect to Middle East culture. Amarrah is a slave girl to slaves girls. Nah, this already make me "huh, what the meaning of this?". To know about it, of course you must read this first, lol! Her grandmother just passed away and inherit a mysterius box to her. Alas she lost it. 10 years later after she move to America, she finally see the box, just to realize that the box now is hold by Sgt Harrison Brockson. Amarrah encounter him to get the box, but then she recognize him as her lover in the past. While destiny once again unite them, a dark force is try to prevent Amarrah to get her precious box.There are some things are bugged me. Such like :- The 1st POV. I'm not fans of this POV. Especially on PNR genre. - The destiny and reincarnation things. While I'm okay with the reincarnation, my feeling is a little bit mixed about the destiny part. Don't get me wrong. I love destiny trope, but I can't feel the connection between the heroine , Amarrah and the hero , Harrison Brockson. Yes, they're both had reincarnated, but is the chemistry from the reincarnation? How if Harrom, Amarrah's Babylonian lover born into another man? I just can't feel the connection between this two.- When Amarrah remember her memory in Babylonia era, there's 2 things that really bugged me. First, the word "sarong". Is that word exist like 5000-10000 BC? Sarong is a term for clothes from Indonesia (yes, my country!) and Malaysia. Even though people in Arabic peninsula use it, I doubt the word "sarong" already invented thousands year ago. Then when Amarrah called Indira with "Indy". Is the nickname too modern?Anyway, with the pro and con, I still enjoy Legacy of The Witch. And I can't wait to read the first book of The Portal series, Mark of The Witch. Hope the book is better than this :) This one is a preview for the new series by Maggie Shayne, called the Portals. The first book in the series is called Mark of the Witch, which I got signed at BEA from Maggie. So when I saw that this was being given as a freebie from Amazon I was all over it. i always read Maggie's books, I don't know what they are about until I'm well into the books but if I see she;s in a book I will snap it up. She has a way of weaving a story that is magical and enchanting and just draws you in. This book, short as it was, did the same thing. There are witches, reincarnated souls, lost loves, bad guys, heroes in uniform *drools* rich history, magic and of course a treasure. Where do I sign up??? It's a short and fun fast read, that will suck you into the world Maggie has built and makes you drool just thinking about the rest of the story. It's a background laying book for the series,as well as a love story, it's short and it's so fun, and you actually felt the love. I enjoyed the history which added a rich layer to it, i loved that the main characters were reincarnated,and that the woman knew even though she wrote it off as a fantasy. Even though this was laying down the ground work for the series, by letting us know what happened to the women, we also got to see Amarrah's love story. The hero, Harrison is of course also reincarnated and wasn't that far off from his original incarnation, as a young man that Amarrah knew. The little adventure didn't feel forced and even though it was only like 53 pages, she still managed to pack quite a punch in this one. I can't wait (in fact I'm skipping all the other books I have to read so I can read the next on that I have on the shelf)to read the rest of the series. Maggie has always created characters that were memorable even after you have moved on to other books. I can't wait to learn more about these women and the men who love them. It's sure to be a witching good time.

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i think i'm going to like this series. now oct cant come quick enough.

Great background story that helps with the rest of the series.

This is a lead in to the series - Should be great.

Ok, it was just a short prequel story.

3.5 stars

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