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Leggiadra Stella. Lettere A Fanny Brawne (2010)

Leggiadra stella. Lettere a Fanny Brawne (2010)
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Leggiadra Stella. Lettere A Fanny Bra...
Leggiadra Stella. Lettere A Fanny Brawne (2010)

About book: This is the perfect companion book to the film "Bright Star", which dramatises the relationship of Romantic poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, his love and muse. In fact, this book includes an introduction by Jane Campion, the film's director; an introduction that serves as a brief account of the story of these two and is also a synopsis of the film.To most strong-willed and strong-minded people, Keats' letters and notes may seem whiny and rhetoric, over-written (I think that one cannot expect anything different from a poet). But in reality - and I think that the more vulnerable readers will feel like that too - his letters conjure perfectly his state of mind at the time. Keats was not only suffering for being far and apart from Fanny but he was extremely worried about his health as well as his financial woes due to being unsuccessful in his publication of poetry volumes. All issues that prevented him from marrying the young girl. His words seem unfiltered, transferred directly onto paper as he thinks them up.The selection of poems is perfect too and goes well with the themes of the letters. However I think that this book has made me realise that I feel more inspired by his letter-writing (and his tragic story) than his poetry, which sounds so often misogynistic. It's a pity that Fanny's letters haven't survived (her last ones lie buried with John in Rome); it could have been interesting to have the complete frame of this love affair. As this collection contains poems with themes so personal and private, it seems almost absurd that I would consider 'rating it'. It is not that I have not enjoyed it, it is simply too difficult for me to decide on how much I enjoyed the book overall. But is this the most important factor when reading poetry? It is true that, like most critics of the time, Endymion failed to interest me as much as the Odes (sans the first three lines which were perfect). A disappointing factor was the fact that out of the very few letters included, only one was addressed to his lover Fanny - the thing I was most excited about in this collection. Maybe I will return to reviewing this book and rate it, but for now, my rating remains clear.
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I loved all of the letters and some of the poems. They were perfect to read before going to bed.
Exquisite, as I knew it would be.
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