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Leitfaden Für Faule Eltern (2011)

Leitfaden für faule Eltern (2011)

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About book Leitfaden Für Faule Eltern (2011)

Oh my. This book is the antidote to all of my Hong Kong-Hover parenting tendencies. I cannot recommend it enough. At worst it's likely to offend, but at best it will challenge every stupid first-world-problem-styled hyper-parenting assumption of what we should DO that there is. I love that it unapologetically deals with the fact so many of us fall prey to neurosis when it comes to our kids, but is respectful enough to let us take or leave the suggestions it offers. I for one am taking most of them, particularly the one about approaching much of the day slightly drunk. Excellent, thought-provoking parenting book that stands out from the rest of them. Where other books focus on routines and structure, this celebrates the spontaneous nature of children and proposes that we could enjoy the freedom of spirit and creativity rather than try to tame them. I didn't agree with all of the advice, but some of it was very good and all of it was refreshing in its approach. Well worth reading for all parents!

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I am not going to take parenting advice from somebody who can't even look after chickens.

Very funny and something I wish I had read when the kids were little.

mostly this book falls within my own lazy idle parenting scheme.

could be rather entertaining, or profound! lol

i haven't got very far yet

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