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L’Elégance Du Hérisson (2000)

L’Elégance du Hérisson (2000)

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About book L’Elégance Du Hérisson (2000)

This is one of the most thoughtful books I have ever read, at the top with some of Coelho's works. Books like these are why we read; it is one that I will visit year after year and that which has shaped a lot of my own current life views. A social satire, its very intelligent writing, subtle sarcasm, and quick wit made me literally laugh out loud; its raw insight into the what are seemingly banal moments of life made tears stream down my face. Pause. Reflect. It took me twice as long to read this book because I savored it so deeply. It is a book for the introspective, the thinkers, the curious, the depressed, the writers, the artists, the oxymoronic optimistic pessimists (or the vice versa, as one should have it) or idealistic realists -- asking questions and posing thoughts that we all have ruminated on in the depths of our own minds, this book proving that solitude is not solitary but a joint, individual movement that inevitably unifies us, so long as we are open to it. I am forever grateful to this book. This was our bookclub selection for the month. I was the first to finish it, and can't wait for our discussion meeting! There will be so many things to talk about, and it will be wonderful to share this with our group!It really pulled me in from the start, and I was so curious about the residents, and their intertwined lives. The various characters were clear and cerebral; a great mix! I'm glad I bought this on the kindle, and used the dictionary function for several words. I enjoyed the writing style and wonder if it was written like this in French,... or just a beautiful translation.?The ending was a surprise, and I already want to read this one again!

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Lovely, thoughtful, novel but not self-conscious. A book I imagine returning to from time to time.

Totally satisfying, thought-provoking, transporting- reminded me of Sophie's World.


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