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Leo (2000)

Leo (2000)
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Leo (2000)
Leo (2000)

About book: This book had a lot of potential but it was a little too cookie cutter for me and felt rushed. It's a short book so maybe the author didn't have enough time to explore all the emotions that she gave these characters. There could have been so much depth to them but I felt like all I got were surface emotions. I wish she delved deeper into Leo's past and made us see the anguish he went through instead of revealing it in an explanation at the end. Also, I saw the twist a mile away. Mia Sheridn is among my top 5 authors, and EVERYTHING I read of hers is marvelous. I read Leo sort of out of order - - I read it after everything else she'd written, and it did not in any way disappoint. It was a unique, beautiful story, and you fell in love with Leo and all of what both he and Evie experienced leading them back to each other. It was sizzling, emotional, heart-rendering, soulful, and every other emotion combined. You knew they belonged together and you cheered and shed a tear to the very end. Mia Sheridan has never disappointed!
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Sweet book. Went through many emotions even though it was predictable. Still loved it.
I SWEAR, Mia never ever disappoints. I absolutely adore her work! MUST read!
Loved it!! Heart breaking and beautiful at the same time!!! X x
5+ stars. Brilliant!! Loved the story.
3.5-4 stars
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