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Leo Geo And His Miraculous Journey Through The Center Of The Earth (2012)

Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth (2012)
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1596436611 (ISBN13: 9781596436619)
Roaring Brook Press
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Leo Geo And His Miraculous Journey Th...
Leo Geo And His Miraculous Journey Through The Center Of The Earth (2012)

About book: This book gets most of its stars for the innovative format and the great artwork. The titular character travels through the center of the earth and continues on to the other side to emerge in Taipei. On the way he encounters underground cities, strange creatures and monsters. The problem I have with this book is that it needs to make up it's mind as to what it's about. Leo Geo claims more than once that he's going on this quest "For science!" and he sprinkles in a few scientific facts and defines a couple terms, but then there's the fantasy, monster element and the thing as a whole just doesn't really jell. Maybe the monsters/fantasy element was an attempt to create some kind of dramatic conflict, but if so it was weak tea. We borrowed it from the library, and since we didn't spend any money on it I would say it's definitely worth a look for the format and the drawings alone. This book is amazing! I love that Jon Chad is able to take a topic that a lot of kids (and adults) find challenging to both comprehend and appreciate, and make it incredibly fascinating. This is a wonderful example of how science and art can co-exist. I am a science person, but what really struck me was not the science, but the creativity of the Chad. Leo is simple- just an outlined figure. Some reviewers perceive this is a limitation, I however think it is a strength. Leo stands in contrast to his surroundings, which are full of fantasy, fact, and detail detail detail. This contrast accentuates both Leo and his environment.Other reviewers have suggested that the story is too full of fantasy, and should stick with hard facts, so as not to "confuse" children. I disagree. This book allows a child's imagination to take hold of both the fact and fantasy within the story. It encourages them to explore the science in this book more thoroughly. Not to mention the art. The detail in this book is exquisite. Stories and characters in the background disappear then re-appear later on. You could spend hours pouring over this book. Jon Chad is coming out with another Leo Geo book, and I have no doubt it will be equally impressive.
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Gotta love the totally nerdy yet completely inaccurate graphic novels!
This is an odd book. I'm giving it three stars for novelty.
Fantastic format.
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