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Leo's Chance (2000)

Leo's Chance (2000)

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About book Leo's Chance (2000)

This is the companion novel to Leo also by Mia Sheridan. I would say you need to read Leo first to fully understand the whole story.This time around we are seeing everything from Leo's point of view. We get to understand more of what motivated him to do certain things and we get to see his love for Evie. Though it's the same story as 'Leo' it didn't seem repetitive. There was the use of what I suppose you would call flashbacks showing Leo after his accident and the time he spent with the psychologist Dr Fox.I loved the story just as much as before and the new epilogue allowed us to see more of what Leo and Evie got up to in the future.A great read, I give it 4 stars!! This book was basically a recap of what happened in the novel "Leo," but it was from Leo's point of view. Honestly, there were a couple scenes that the story gave the reader a little something more than in the previous book, but not a whole lot. We learn Lauren goes to jail after being caught in a sting operation of trying to have sexual relations with a minor. And the reader was also filled in on how Leo spent his time when he and Evie were apart. We also learn a lot about Leo's feelings. And we learned how he popped the question. Otherwise, I don't feel like there was too much more that we learned from this book that we hadn't already read in the first one. It was good, but too repetitive. 3 stars

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4.5 stars i love this author and cant wait to read her other books. Next is stinger

That had to be one of my favorite epilogues. Still wiping tears.

Just as good as the first book!!!

loved all books EXCELLENT

3.5-4 stars

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