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Les Faucheurs Sont Les Anges (2012)

Les faucheurs sont les anges (2012)

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About book Les Faucheurs Sont Les Anges (2012)

An excellent book. It took me a few chapters to get into the writing style. This is a very deep/dark story of one young woman's (15/16?) survival. Zombies, zombie hybrids(?), and a few people who are far worse than the zombies. The story appears simplistic but the writer weaves all kinds of deep philosophy into the story without you realizing it lol. I found myself deeply connected with the characters and the story for that matter. I was also worried it would be "young adult" but it wasn't. Even tho the main character is 16-17 years old.It's the story of a 16 year old girl who was born after the Zombies showed up so has never known the "real world". She is a warrior but also guilt ridden thinking she is evil because she is so good at killing and surviving. Moses (the bad guy) is tracking her because she killed his brother (he attempted to rape her) but they are really very much alike and seem to connect with each other although they both know how it will end. This book reminds me of The Road in it's dark and philosophical aspects. But it is still one hell of a great story and fast read. Loved it and would read it again. This is the third time I have read 'The Reapers are The Angels' and I enjoyed it as much as the first and second time I read it. The only difference from my last review is there was a sequel but not about Temple.Review from January 2012:This is the second time I have read 'The Reapers are The Angels' and as always with most of my re~reads I enjoyed it more the second time. Temple is a wonderfully vivid character, her strength, her confidence, her outlook of the world, her vulnerability shine through, she is only 15 years old and has learned to survive the best way she can by constantly moving, isolating herself and dealing with her own past, her guilt.With my second reading, I found myself focusing more on the character of Moses Todd, a man who is pursuing Temple for his own reasons, which to his credit he sticks to throughout the book, despite whatever happens, like Temple, he is looking for redemption and they both find it.Also with most books I usually see the potential for a sequel, this would never had worked with 'The Angels are The Reapers', Temple only has one story to tell and its hers. A book I know I will read again and again.

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Very good book. Much like The Road but different enough to be new. Loved it.

Hmmmm...wonder where Robert Kirkman got his ideas for The Walking Dead???

Boy. You think The Walking Dead is depressing? Read this...

loved this!

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