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Les Portes Du Paradis (2012)

Les portes du paradis (2012)
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Albin Michel
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Les Portes Du Paradis (2012)
Les Portes Du Paradis (2012)

About book: SPOILER HIDDEN IN HERE!After reading this ENTIRE series, I have to say that the confusion through the first books makes sense and is very clear and well connected in this final book. It is nicely wrapped up, written excellently and captured me enough to read the entire series. If you have not read the Wolf Pact series, (as I have not), the story line is brought in however written so the reader is not lost on who they are, what they are trying to accomplish.My only disappointment was that at the end of the book, everything worked out. There is heartache and torture in this entire series only to have everything solved?! I think that it should have been a little more realistic (yes, I know--this is a fictitious book) in the the fact that not everything works out and everyone ends up together.Recommendation for anyone wanting to go through this series and read via e-book. Either don't read on an e-book or make notes. I am a person who truly wants to follow the entire story and with the ever-changing names and scenarios through different lives, it would have been better than I could flip back to know exactly what was being referred to--or had taken notes. However, that is me. I honestly don't know many readers who take notes on books. Blue Bloods was one of those series that I begun reading when my book obsessions had just came back. So Blue Bloods will always have that place in my heart. It felt so bittersweet because I have wanted to know how all of this would end but at the same time I just wanted more of each character. The story was told through several point of views; mainly Mimi, Bliss and Schuyler. Mimi's chapters were some of my favourites because they just showed how much Mimi, as a person and a character, has developed. In the first few book s I found her vapid and lacking depth, but slowly she has grown on me. I think that's why I like her so much. I've seen her at her lowest and highest points. The dilemma and choices that she had to face were handled in a way that Mimi could only achieve. The things she did were all to help and protect those she loved. Also her and Kingsley, they are made for each other. Bliss was another predominant character which was nice because it felt like I hadn't seen her in a while. I'll need to read the Wolf Pact novellas to fill in the blanks but I really liked her views. Mainly I just really loved Bliss and Lawson. Even though I know nothing about their first meeting or their relationship development they captured my heart. Then there is Schuyler. At first I found her chapters a bit slow, not boring, just slow. However as the book progressed they just continued to pull me in. The scene that really hit me was the one where Schuyler had to choose between love and her race. that scene was just beautiful and made me feel so many conflicting emotions. It was such a relief that in the end her choice was the right one. All of the books so far in the series so far never really had any clear ending but the plot for this was so clear. Knowing that this was the end meant that I could see how this end would come. I was positive that it would be a final battle. And what a final battle that it was. There were tears, terror and, in the end, happiness. It's been such a roller coaster and now I'm sad that I have get off this amazing ride. Farewell, Blue Bloods.
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Loved this book. Perfect ending to the series. So glad I didn't stop reading.
Not the series ending I expected, but a satisfying one nonetheless.
So disappointed, 50 pages in and I was done.
Satisfying conclusion to a great series.
hope they make a movie of this
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