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Let Them Eat Fruitcake (2008)

Let Them Eat Fruitcake (2008)

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1589191064 (ISBN13: 9781589191068)
David C. Cook

About book Let Them Eat Fruitcake (2008)

I thought the second book in this series was a whole lot better than the first. We learned more about the characters, their lives, and their personalities. Megan is the Christian in the group, dealing with a non-Christian boyfriend and trying to deal with an extremely difficult boss at work. She's the advice-giver of the group and probably the girl I most identify with, even if I don't give as good advice as she does. She begins to question whether having a non-Christian boyfriend is good or bad, something all Christian girls have wondered at one time or another. Lelani is the girl dealing with the most internal struggles. She's still trying to figure out if she made the right choice, letting her parents raise her baby, quit medical school, and work at a department store. She's dating Gil, who seems like the perfect guy, and is also Anna's boyfriend. Her scenes just broke my heart. Her character is totally believable and heart-breaking.Anna is one character I don't care for. I don't believe her character is developed right. One minute she's sweet and a hard-worker and a great friend. The next, she's out-of-control and making insane accusations. She was sort-of dating one of her co-workers but when her old boyfriend, who cheated on her, came back into her life, she broke up with coworker to date him. She also deals with finding out her mother has breast cancer but not being able to tell anyone. She's probably my least-favorite character.Kendall is a Rebecca Bloomwood-esque character. She's high-maintenance and snobby. She doesn't have a job, living off her three friends' rent payments. She goes to a Hollywood party and ends up sleeping with a Hollywood leading man who's married. She thinks he'll leave his wife for her since their marriage is in trouble so she goes to LA to find him, just knowing he loves her as much as she loves him. Only he doesn't and he tells her to never come back. She's heart-broken. While her character didn't annoy me as much as she did in the first book, she's still a character that doesn't thrill me. She's just there but doesn't add anything new to the plot. I'm hoping something big will happen in the next book to her. Let Them Eat Fruitcake is the second book in the 86 Bloomberg Place series. I have come to the realization that these books move incredibly slow. It could be because each chapter skips to a different character, but every time I try to think of what the book about, only about one sentence comes to mind, and I think, "Is that it?" This one takes place just before Christmas, with the end of the book wrapping up on Christmas day. The roommates plan a Christmas Even party, have man troubles, and . . . that's about it. But I guess just about every chicklit could be described as "woman has man troubles, everything is solved in the end."Only everything isn't solved in the end of this book since it's a series. So we only get the first part of that sentence. The characters are all pretty much the same. Kendall is unlikeable, almost to the point of being an unbelievable character. I mean, are there really people like that out there? Ironically, her point of view is probably my favorite to read, just because it's the most interesting. The other girls really aren't doing very interesting things.All through this book I thought it was just so-so. Nothing special, but not so bad that it was hard to get through. I would have rated it a 3, but I really enjoyed the ending. It was definitely a feel good, and I can see the series getting better type ending. So I'd rate it a 4/5. Recommended for chick-lit lovers and Christian fiction readers. It was a little heavier on the religion than the first one, but still not overly so.

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