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Let's Hear It For The Boy (2013)

Let's Hear It for the Boy (2013)

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About book Let's Hear It For The Boy (2013)

Journalist Paul Stewart was tasked to interview Atlanta's legendary drag performer Auntie Social and he's set to uncover more about the man behind all the facade. What he learned though was the story behind Matthew Trammel's plight for AIDS leading him back to the latter's bittersweet first love. I've been broken into pieces by Mr. Webb after reading Second Chances and I haven't quite recovered from it (I can't even listen to At Last now without remembering the book and tearing up). In this very short, melancholic story - the author has once again proven his innate ability to shatter the epicenter of his readers' emotions. I've read quite a lot of books relative to this short story's theme but there's only few that really gets to me. This shorts is one of 'em - bittersweet, poignant and simply beautiful.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars I was crying throughout this whole story. It's just tragic. You know what's coming, where the story is going, but in the beginning, with the kids full of hope and recklessness with their lives just starting, for that one little segment of time you have hope too. But then you see how everything goes bad with just one stupid, drug-fueled moment (and the incredible, massive irresponsibility of an older guy who must have known), and from there on my tears flowed because the beauty and wonder of first love, true love, is tainted with the sick hopelessness of what's coming, and the story turns dark with a life being cut so very, very short.But the writing is so moving, so beautiful in its truths and Matthew's maturity in dealing with this life-altering experience. I'm going to wrap this story up in my heart, and always remember its phrases and moments, because in all honesty, it is so profound. Patrick could have been anyone, hell, he could have been me if I lived during the 70's or 80's, especially if I was a young, gay man. I had the same reckless-in-the-moment attitude towards sex when I was in my mid-teens, so if I had lived then I probably would have just gone off with some random guy to the bathroom too.But the pain, the poignancy in this story is ultimately cathartic, ingraining that these issues are still prevalent today, no matter how much we have it "under control." Yes, there probably will eventually be a vaccine preventing people from even catching HIV or a cure, but that will not be the end of all our worries, and it is definitely still a big deal. This book is a must read, it is short and piercing and gorgeous, and I absolutely loved it.

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What a powerful, heartbreaking read. I'm so glad this was my introduction to T.A. Webb.

Review to come. Once my eyes stop leaking.

An emotional trip that captures the heart.

Short, direct and touching...

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