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Let's Talk About Pep (2008)

Let's Talk About Pep (2008)
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Let's Talk About Pep (2008)
Let's Talk About Pep (2008)

About book: First of all, anyone who has sexual assault or domestic violence triggers should not read this book. It is extremely graphic, which I think is one of it's strengths but could also be really awful if you can't stomach such content. There are a lot of flaws with this book: it's name-droppy, it doesn't talk about the music at all (big disappointment), and there are some really off things said about assault. For example, in the first chapter, Pep talks about being chronically late and a therapist asking her abruptly "How old were you when you were molested?" and then explains that being late is a trait of sexual assault survivors. Which is news to me, and sounds like incredibly awful counseling. However, despite it's problems, if you see this book for what it is, a self-discovery process, rather than an autobiography, it's informative. I think it's incredibly useful to have celebrities/pop heroes candidly discuss their experiences with assault. It encourages a culture of open communication, less shame, and more empowerment. I wish that this book could have addressed the more complicated aspects of domestic violence, for example, why she stayed in an abusive relationship for over 8 years, even following marital rape. But, Pep isn't an activist, and this book is clearly more for herself than for the public. Regardless, it's an exceptionally quick read for anyone who wants a piece of hip hop and women's music history. The problem I have, is this book is all over the place. I am reading one incident and jump to another, no continuity and flow. She has fragment sentences like "and everyone sang." This is Pocket Book publishers: who is the editor? I know that Karen Hunter help write the book, is it her editing skills or writing style that makes this book look bad as far as how it was written. Overall, I think they were pushing the book since it is a popular musical icon, and figured it will sale no matter what!I like the part when she spoke about Aaliyah vision of her own death, and did not take heed to it the day before her very death after confessing it to Missy Elliott, and then Sandy Denton was getting dreams about this after Missy told her about it...God shows us things through visions/dreams/insight and speaking it into existence and we should take heed. This is what I liked most about the book. Sandy does not really tell why Cheryl James-Wray problems and the break-up exactly, which I feel it should have never been mentioned if she did not want to take it there.
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our perception of someone is not always their reality. you think you know, but you have no idea!
A very insightful look into the life of Pepa. She has gone through a lot and is still growing...
The start of this book is very interesting. So far so good.
Ok read. Not worth buying borrow from a friend.
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