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Levi (2012)

Levi (2012)

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About book Levi (2012)

Enjoyable beginning to a new series. It does set up a good premise for the next books, and I really want to read Oscar's story.Warning: These guys are shifters, and the claws do come out during sex. If you don't like the idea of scratches, you might not like this. I have to admit that the idea of those sharp claws hitting Levi's prostate made me nervous. That could have been disastrous! This book was an...interesting reading experience for me.I really struggled to get into this book and finish it. It wasn't a matter of writing style or the plot or anything like that; I just really struggled to connect emotionally to the characters. The only one that I formed any sort of attachment to was Levi's brother Oscar and he was a supporting character. I couldn't really invest in the love story between the two MC b/c I didn't really find them all that interesting or likable. I mean, Lyndon had been dealt a raw deal and had a sad backstory but for me he really lacked personality and Levi just wasn't all that interesting.To sum it up: This wasn't a bad book, just not my cup of tea. I'm going to read the second installment in the series though b/c it features Oscar and I am interested in him and his story.

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Love this book! Can't wait for the next one. This is going to be a great series!

3.5 Looking forward to Oscar's story.

3 to 4 Stars

Love it!


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