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Leyla: The Black Tulip (2003)

Leyla: The Black Tulip (2003)

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1584858311 (ISBN13: 9781584858317)
American Girl Publishing Inc

About book Leyla: The Black Tulip (2003)

"Leyla The Black Tulip" features a girl from Turkey named Leyla. She makes a deal with soldiers to go with them to Istanbul to find her a husband. Leyla expects the deal to be true, but she realizes she has been tricked! Leyla ends up being a pupil for the Mistress of the Flowers in Istanbul. Padishah, her master, offers a reward for the first person to breed a black tulip and Leyla wants to win that reward.I really liked this book because it helped me learn about a new culture. I recommend this book to anyone that likes the American Girl: Girls of Many Lands series. Leyla offers to go with the men from Istanbul to get enough gold so that her family may survive. What she doesn't know is that she is to become a slave, not the wife of a rich man. Taking place during the height of the Ottoman Empire, we are given an insider's look at the world inside the Pasha's harem. A great story about a string girl who creates her own destiny. Full of interesting facts about tulips as well.

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yea about that ..... well...yea....i don't know how to put this

This was really really good. I love the stuff with the tulips.

The bravery was greatly shown in this book

I really enjoyed reading this book.

It was good and I loved it!

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