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Lian / Roch (2000)

Lian / Roch (2000)

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Love this series. I just can't seem to get enough of the Pantera. They are such a loving and caring people yet are so fierce when they need to be. I love how they embrace their mates even if their mate turns out to be human and are willing to protect them even to the death. The Pantera men are so dreamy and passionate. These two stories are a great continuation of the series. These two authors are awesome together. I have book 11-12 on my wishlist and will definitely be purchasing it. As usual, my biggest complaint is that I could use another 200 pages or so! I love this world- I'm very interested in seeing what will develop since one door closed and another is opening (how's that for mystery since I don't like to give spoilers?)I really do suggest that you not try reading this before reading the other stories in this world. You should get some of the background before jumping in with this book (I suggest them all since they're very quick reads).

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Lians story eek.....what was that......and if she thought of herself as a spinster one more time

A really good short story series. Looking forward to reading Hakan/Severin, next month.

I enjoyed this one more than others in the series. Still could have been better though.

This series just keeps getting better!!!

Great series

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