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Lian/Roch (Bayou Heat) (2014)

Lian/Roch (Bayou Heat) (2014)

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Deborah Raleigh

About book Lian/Roch (Bayou Heat) (2014)

Bayou Heat #9 & 10 Lian/RochLian, by Alexandra Ivy & Roch by Laura WrightOctober 10, 2014 - I enjoyed these two stories more than I did the last book, but I still felt that they were rushed and that large chunks of information were skipped over and not really dealt with. The overall story arc was ended and a new story arc has begun, neither of which I have found satisfactory, but as I'm in it for the romance aspect of the stories and not the overall story arc. That's why I gave these stories a 3.5 star rating. Bayou Heat is a great series. I've loved every book, every story. Each book contains two short stories. Each telling a little more about the Pantera. Puma shifters who live in a magical, sacred land deep in a Louisiana bayou. LianLian is tasked with hunting down and convincing a professor of ancient languages, to return with him to the Wildlands. Hoping he can help decipher the old scrolls, in hopes of finding a way to rid them of the evil goddess bent on destroying them and their homeland, by using the blood of the first Pantera cub born to them in fifty years. But what Lian is not expecting, is to find the stodgy old professor, is actually a very lovely young woman, who his cat knows instantly his his new mate. Now, the cat just has to convince the male of this. And getting the stubborn female to go along would probably be a good idea as well.RochTo say Roch likes females, would be an understatement. So when his night out ends with him sick and sleeping the night away on the couch, instead of with the chosen female, he's not sure what is going on. All he knows is he has work to do, but he can't seem to shake this bug. But his cat knows what's wrong, and sets him on a path to remedy what ails him.Lydia is having a tough day. She's been fired from her law firm, found out the child she is carrying is not completely human, met a gorgeous man who says he's not human, and escaped an armed gunman in her apartment. Now she is in a strange, beautiful land, surrounded by puma shifters and their human mates being treated like a queen because of the miracle child she is carrying. If only she knew which of the males was the father of her child. The only one she wants is Roch, but he won't claim her as his own. He won't take her away from the male who is the father if her cub.This is a series that must be read in order. Each story is like one long chapter of an even longer book. You really need to read them from the beginning to get the complete story. It's worth it. They are quick reads, well written and very sexy.

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an old enemy is dealt with. a new enemy is uncovered.

Interesting ending.

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