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Liar's Game (2002)

Liar's Game (2002)

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The that i read is called Liar's Game. Its written by Eric Jerome Dickey. This book is an urban fiction book. The message that Eric is trying to send out to the reader's is to never deal with a chick when you still keep in touch with your ex-wife. Liar's Game is about a man named Vince who is divorced and he has a daughter with his ex-wife. He's lonely and looking for a partner. Vince is almost thirty yrs old and both of his parents are dead. One day he was at a club,he seen a beautiful girl named Dana. He walked up towards her so he can talk to her. They went to sit down and have a little conversation. Dana told Vince that she was waiting on her friend named Gerri. When Gerri finally arrived she met a cute handsome man. Dana introduced Vince to Geri then Geri went on her merry way with the man she met. Vince still talk to his ex-wife when ever sh calls him,but she never let him talk to his daughter (i wonder why). His daughter's name is Harmonica. Toward the middle...kind of the end things start to get a little out of hand. I think the book is good. I didn't like the part when his ex-wife didn't let him speak to his daughter Harmonica. The book made me a little mad at some of the parts,i mean the things that was happening. For an example:some people don't know how to mind there business. Other than that the book was really good. I would recommend this book to anyone that like urban fiction books. If you ever read Wifey,I'm still wifey or Shiesty then you would like this book. This a good book for mature teenager's and adults to read.

I like the way this author creates characters. Sometimes there is an unlikable character, butthen he shows a weakness or vulnerability that makes me reconsider my opinion. Vince and Dana starta relationship with both of them hiding and/or lying about their pasts. Dana finds out aboutVince's ex-wife and the existence of his daughter. I was appalled at the way she snooped in hismail and his phone calls. She was jealous of not only his ex-wife , but his daughter. She doesn'ttell him about her financial problems or that her ex-boyfriend wants to get back together. There's a lot of deceit and mistrust throughout the book. Vince's friend, Womack, suspects his wife of having an affair. Dana's friend, Gerri, moonlights as a stripper to make ends meet but tells people she has a paper route as a second job. There was one interesting little sidelight when Vince and Womack were out, and they see two African women. They say something aboutSomalian women and the women tell them they are Ethiopian and thatblack people in the USA are ignorant about Africa. This leads intoa little altercation and I wondered what the dynamics are betweenAfrican Americans who have lived here for generations and new African immigrants.

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(FROM JACKET)Dana Ann Smith has ditched New York City-and a relationship gone bad-for Los Angeles, looking for a new man, a new career, and some stability. She thinks she's found it in Vince Calvary Brown, Jr., a handsome, hardworking aerospace tech. They've offered just enough of themselves to make it a perfect romance. And they've withheld just enough to ruin it. When their secrets come to light, Dana and Vince come face-to-face with the fact that the passionate game between lovers and liars has just begun...

This book was pretty disappointing. My hubby was friends with the author. He kept telling me how funny Dickey was. Apparently, he was brilliant at improv and an amazing stand-up comic. I guess this review isn't very fair because I fully expected the book to be funny or at least have very humorous moments. Nope. None. So not funny... It's a romance novel wrought with drama. It really could have used some humor to lighten things up a bit. I think it would have added a lot depth to the novel. It's a shame.

Eric Jerome Dickey's latest book is true of relationships between not only african-americans, but all people. I just finished reading his last book "Cheaters" when I decided to read this book. Needless to say, I finished the book having gained an new insight into relationships.The two main characters of the book are very realistic and well-written. Both are people who although they have secrets from the past, chose to not tell each other for fear of what will happen. This is so true, especially when someone tries to date. Although the person will say that they are single, who knows what happened in their past that they aren't telling you?Throughout the book,Dickey writes from both the perspective of the man and woman.What impresses me is that he isn't stereotypical at all when he writes from either perspective. He doesn't assume that because he's writing as a woman that she's supposed to act a certain way nor doesn't he do the same with the man.This is a book that you should read if you want to gain new insight into relationships.Also, you should read this if you want to see how to write a story from the point of view of a man or female.If you'd like to read more from this author, you should read Cheaters.
—Tamara Evans

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