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Liebe Per Mausklick - Noch Mehr E-Mails Für Holly (2008)

Liebe per Mausklick - Noch mehr E-Mails für Holly (2008)

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About book Liebe Per Mausklick - Noch Mehr E-Mails Für Holly (2008)

Clearly I was in a different headspace and at a different age when I read the original Holly's Inbox, which was delightfully silly and entertaining. I found this sequel to be more like nails on a chalkboard, with Holly impossible to root for and the story feeling repetitive and predictable. I think it's very much in line with the first book, I suspect I just no longer have the patience to find such a frustrating and immature character compelling or endearing. I made it to the end, just to see if my assumptions about where the story would be correct, and they were. I could only recommend this book to someone in their twenties who doesn't know enough about life yet to know how ridiculous these characters are. Holly's Inbox was a smash, and the sequel is just as great! Holly Denham is now living with her love, Toby, and working as a receptionist at DKHuerst. She spends her days emailing her best friends, Jason and Aisha, as well as co-worker Trisha. William from another department is always flirting via email with Holly, but she always stops him cold, she's in love with Toby. Holly's family emails her all the time as well, and they are an eccentric bunch! Jason is wanting to break it off with his live-in boyfriend Marco and goes to great depths to let him down gently, while Holly finds herself hungover most mornings. Toby keeps going abroad for work and Holly finds herself more and more alone. She keeps her bills in the freezer (they can't look at her that way) and she is secretly interviewing for a manager position. She doesn't want to tell Trisha (who trained Holly) and has been working there forever. To top it all off, Tanya, the Catering Manager, seems to have it in for Holly. She is consistently putting her down and trying to get Toby's attention. Holly thinks Toby is having an affair and sets out to catch him doing the dirty. But unfortunately, something else happens and Holly is suddenly overwhelmed from all sides. She'll have to look deep in her heart so see what she really desires. Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City is told in email format. The characters are compelling and outrageous as well as the witty repartee. I was in stitches with some of the antics they get up to. If you like chick-lit, or want to be entertained, pick this one up today. Simple outrageous and totally divine!

Do You like book Liebe Per Mausklick - Noch Mehr E-Mails Für Holly (2008)?

Very quick to read, cute story....I wish everyone's life turned out that way! =)

Couldn't put the book down. Crossing my fingers there's another book to follow.

A fun quick read. I really enjoyed both books in this series.

as quick (and light) a read as the first holly denham.

super cute book. good read just for funises.

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