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Lies And Consequences (2011)

Lies and Consequences (2011)

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Kaje Harper

About book Lies And Consequences (2011)

I love Kaje Harper's characters and how wonderfully she writes their stories. This one was no exception - though I have to admit that I skimmed/practically skipped through chapters 11-12 when all that crime/suspense/chase was happening. It's just not my cup of tea. But the romance, the angst, the conversations, the reconciliation, the flirting..yes please! I loved Chris and Ian from the get-go and it only got better as the story progressed!I sympathized with Chris in this book in that I'm such a white-liar. I'm kind of notorious for lying to make things easier, faster, and generally to either spare someone's feelings or make them feel good. I don't really think it hurts anyone or makes me less trustworthy - but I've questioned myself many times as to why lie at all. I thought about that after reading Chris' fallout. Here with Chris, the lie he told was major but when he said it, Ian was still kind of stranger at arms length so I completely understood why he did it and how it tailspinned. I also understood, unfortunately from experience, how difficult it is to find the right time to finally tell the truth. This aspect of the story really resonated with me. In the end, I suppose it's always best to just tell the truth.Thank you Kaje for sharing this wonderful book for free! All in all I'm a little torn on this book. I loved the characters and very much enjoyed the author's writing style. The story had a good flow and the dialogue was real and believable. So where's the problem you might ask. The plot points were just too over the top and ridiculously coincidental. If all of this happened to one person in their life...take Ian for example. The odds of being in one plane crash in your life, as a normal human being who doesn't fly planes for a living, is ridiculously low. Now you expect me to believe this man has walked away from a second horrific plane crash. On top of that Chris has a random stalker we know nothing about, or how it came to be, and now they've both got hit men after them for information about some mobsters stolen jewels. Yeah, no. I felt at times like the author was throwing everything but the kitchen sink in here and tieing it all loosley together hoping no one would notice how ridiculously unbelievable it all is.So why the four star raiting...I loved the characters and I was drawn into the story in spite of the absurdity of it all. I enjoyed what I was reading. It's a better story than a lot I've read and the quality of the writers abilities is clear. She just needs to think more carefully abour refining her plot points. I would have preferred that everything be drawn back to the stalker which could easily have been done. I could have dealt with and ignored the unliklihood of the two plane crashes if everything else flowed along one plot path. Too many things going on though and I started rolling my eyes.

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I really enjoyed this story. Well-written, interesting and surprisingly, it's a free download.

Omg!! I loved the characters and I was afraid they wouldn't end up together or alive!!!!

Really liked this book. Had EVERYTHING going on!

I enjoyed this story.


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