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Life, In Spite Of Me: Extraordinary Hope After A Fatal Choice (2010)

Life, In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice (2010)

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About book Life, In Spite Of Me: Extraordinary Hope After A Fatal Choice (2010)

Who would have thought suicide could be so impulsive? I would have expected her to meditate on it for months. Who knew your legs could be cut off by the train, but other things about the train hurt worse? Who knew that months, even years after the trauma, the victim would still be battling horrible pains at the site of the injuries?Interesting book about a girl struggling with problems that become infinitely larger after the suicide attempt. I enjoyed the memoir and the testimony of hope and healing that follows. Good book not only for those struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, but for parents of teens, and particularly teenage girls. Wow. This is a truly amazing book. Most of the time I was reading through watery eyes. Kristen doesn't sugar-coat anything; from the events leading up to her attempted suicide, to all the trials and hardships she endured afterwords. She deals with depression, alcohol use, rape, and many other issues teens are dealing with, and then she shows how God's love saved her, and brought her to the point where He is the center of her universe. I highly suggest anyone & everyone read this book, even if you've never thought about ending it all, it is that good.

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A brave book. A book about depression, suicide, forgiveness and restoration. Worth reading.

Wow what a story! Praise the Lord for His grace on Kristen.

I cried during every chapter.

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