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Life's Lessons Learned: Personal Reflections (2011)

Life's Lessons Learned: Personal Reflections (2011)
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Life's Lessons Learned: Personal Refl...
Life's Lessons Learned: Personal Reflections (2011)

About book: I've never really known that much about Elder Oaks life--he doesn't tell a lot of stories in conference, so this was wonderful to hear about the lessons he has learned over the course of his life. This is not written like a biography, it's sectioned into chapters with each chapter being a principle he learned, which he then illustrates with examples from his life.My favorite was right at the beginning when he talked about his dad dying and how hard it was on his mom, but how they got through it. Amazing. I loved the format of Dallin H Oaks short but powerful reflections…37 lessons he has learned and applied in chronological order in 3 groupings…by using personal experiences. I appreciated learning about the struggles and sacrifices of his mother. I also really liked "Shaking Hands at Stake Conferences" and learning about his experiences going to school and balancing a lot of demands with the Lord's help.
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Not quite what I expected in an autobiography but there are great insights shared.
One of those books I know I will read again and again.
Fanatastic! I want to buy it.
Easy to read, fabulous book!
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