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Like Pizza And Beer (2010)

Like Pizza and Beer (2010)

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1616501952 (ISBN13: 9781616501952)
Lyrical Press, Inc.

About book Like Pizza And Beer (2010)

Dino and Seth are funny and sexy. They grab my heart but make me laugh. Their relationship/love affair has no commitment problems but does have acknowledgement problems. Seth does not want to be a secret. Who can blame him? Not me. Dino has to find acceptance of his feelings for Seth. Can the love they share for each other survive the closet? Dino has to decide what is important in his personal life. The mystery is interesting. I love these two guys. I want more. Another fun novel in the Dino Martini series. I just enjoyed reading this book a lot. I really do love the snarkiness in the dialogue between Dino and Seth; it could get to be too much if the author loses control of it, but that never happens. I do like the first book in the series a smidgen better than this one, but it hardly matters as they are both stellar, five star reads. Kudos to the author, with a big dash of hope that there are more in this series. Oh, and I also really like that the main topic of the second book was not Dino learning to bottom. That would have been such a cliche, and credit to the author for not falling into that trap.

Do You like book Like Pizza And Beer (2010)?

It was good read but nothing special compare to first book.

I really wish there were more books in this series.

I hope to hear more about these two.

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