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Limbo (2002)

Limbo (2002)
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Limbo (2002)
Limbo (2002)

About book: Limbo is a story about a young woman who was stricken with a mysterious muscular disease at the age of 19. Before she became ill, she was an aspiring concert pianist. Piano was her life. By the age of 22, she couldn't even grip a pencil or walk across a room. She had to give up on her dreams and live her life from the seat of her motorized wheelchair. The author is now an adult and she still does not have a firm diagnosis. This book really gave me a better insight on what it is like to be physically handicapped. The author gives great descriptions of the many treatments she had. She really made the book feel very personal. What I found most interesting in the book was the way she was treated by others. She lost all of her friends and she couldn't go out in public without being ridiculed. It's hard to imagine people being so insensitive. I really enjoyed this book. It made me realize how lucky I am to have my health. I would highly recommend this book.

This is one of those books that I hate to write anything negative about. The author sufffered enough that I feel bad not giving her more stars. In fairness though, I just did not really like this book. I've read so many memoirs over the years and I've read about people that have suffered and the ones that I give the highest ratings are the ones that are somehow still uplifting, inspiring and even funny. This was probably among the most honest memoir as there was no sugar coating anything, however it was missing the part left me feeling really good. I certainly admired her strength of character and ability to move on with her life. Maybe what was missing was a feeling of connection to her. Anyway, I continued to think about her for days after reading it and perhaps that counts for another star. How about we settle for 2.5 stars?
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I first read A. Manette Ansay's novel "Vinegar Hill" several years ago and thought it was amazing. Since then, I have read several other books by this author, and have enjoyed them. I can't say the same about her memoir, however. I have been trying to read the book over the last year, and each time I put it down again and again. It was hard to see the connection between the descriptive, engrossing novels I was used to reading, and the meandering, scattered thoughts that detailed her failed profe
I didn't know anything about this author before I read her memoir. I always find it interesting to read about people who are about my age. A musical prodigy, she was stricken in her early 20's with a mysterious and debilitating muscular disease that caused her to have to quit playing the piano and completely change her life's goals. Raised Catholic, she also eventually left her religion and questioned the existence of God. Although I do not agree with many of her choices, this was a well-written book and I enjoyed it very much.
Eh. I was really interested to read this story because of everything the author went through and how she was able to move on with her life.BUT - man...the constant negativity from start to finish of the book made it so difficult to finish. I'm not sure why I expected a more upbeat, uplifting tone, but I did (so sue me), and I was sorely disappointed.She had more than her share of tragedy, yes, but she also had family and friends and a religion that she turned her back on. I don't know, it just all got to be a bit much.
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