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Limos (2012)

Limos (2012)

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Egmont Lyx

About book Limos (2012)

too lazy to write a review :DDidn't like Arik at all. But it seems I don't like any of "love interests" in this series, except for Tayla. And besides, this book suffered from "telling and not showing" - so, Limos gets depressed and self destructive when some disasters breaks and then recovers from some chating with Arik? OK. Than lost his virginity in a worse way possible. I liked Regan, but whole idea - just horrible. The second book in this series is about Limos, aka Famine, the Horsewoman of the Apocalypse and Arik, a human and brother of Runa, the werewolf from the Demonica series. Limos is a hard ass warrior - she has to be she one of the four Horsemen and is half demon and half angel, but she's also a spoilt little princess having grown up with her mother Lilith in Sheoul, where she didn't get to experience a "normal" childhood. Arik, on the other hand, is a human whose childhood was pretty horrific and ran away at the age of 18 to join the army followed by joining up with the R-XR (government supernatural agency) later on. He ends up kissing Limos at a party and she kisses him back, but with dire consequences for him - he is immediately dragged off to Sheoul and tortured like crazy for a month or so, whilst his torturers are trying to make him say Limos' name. Limos feels guilty, but doesn't really do much to help him as she knows she cannot really spend much time in Sheoul because her betrothed, husband-to-be is none other than Satan himself and he will capture her if she does. Eventually Arik escapes with a little help from a demon and Pestilence (if you can call his actions help) and Limos finds him. He forgives her rather easily in my opinion, although I don't really think she knew what would actually happen if he kissed her. She does know what will happen if he tries to remove her chastity belt though, which only her husband can remove - cue big loophole in her marriage contract! After Pestilence's many interruptions and world devastating events, Limos and Arik get together, but their wedding day is far from being the happiest of their lives as it should be. Limos has to finally reveal her hidden, most darkest secrets to her brothers.Oh and Thanatos almost broke his seal, but it didn't break to everyone's surprise and now the race is on to work out what will cause his seal to break. I didn't like Reagan's "Wham-bam-thank-you-man" act though - made it pretty obvious to him she was screwing him over in one way or another. I really enjoyed this action packed book with a lot of romance and a fair few heated scenes as well. I thought Limos and Arik's relationship was sweet, if not a bit too rushed in my opinion, but I guess that they had to move fast to stop Satan and his cronies! I just wonder what Satan's payback will be now...And will they ever work out what will step or redeem Pestilence back into his Reseph form? I thoroughly enjoy Larissa Ione's writing style, which made me lose a lot of sleep reading this book - I just couldn't put it down! Can't wait to read the next one in this series!I received a copy of this book from the publishers via Netgalley and would like to thank them for it.

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There is so much going on in this one. I sometimes felt that it wasn't enough about Limos.

This book was more entertaining than the first one.

What a ride!!!! On to the next!!!

Good second book in the series.

Loved it!

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