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Ling And Ting: Not Exactly The Same (2011)

Ling And Ting: Not Exactly The Same (2011)

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About book Ling And Ting: Not Exactly The Same (2011)

This book was fun, funny, and it had chapters (little chapters, but chapters none-the-less), which would make this top of the list for children. Since the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award focuses on books kids will like to read, it's obvious why this one won. Also, every chapter ended with some of the silliest jokes you'll ever hear. Actually, the entire book was silly. Ting sneezed during a haircut and sported some strange bangs throughout the book. The artwork was simple, but I think that made it even more enjoyable. I definitely had a blast reading this. The story of the twins who were not exactly the same is told in six interrelated chapters, the last being a culmination of the previous. Each story tells how they are different whether by action or appearance. The artwork itself does its best to represent this sameness but not equality through clothes, facial expression, action, and style. For children, it would be interesting to hear from twins or those that know twins if they have experiences like the two title characters. Another activity for children would be discussing how Ling and Ting could also be different or similar.

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Recommended by first grade.

For the younger reader

Geisel Honor 2011

Award: Geisel


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