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Little Author In The Big Woods: A Biography Of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2014)

Little Author in the Big Woods: A Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2014)
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Little Author In The Big Woods: A Bio...
Little Author In The Big Woods: A Biography Of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2014)

About book: Fans of the Little House books will be fascinated with this illustrated, kid-friendly description of Laura Ingalls Wilder's life, and how she turned her experiences and the family and friends that surrounded her into the famous series of books. There really was a kindhearted, blue-eyed Pa who played the fiddle, and the family really did live by the shores of Silver Lake (not its real name) and on the banks of Plum Creek. And Laura's older sister Mary really did get sick and lose her sight. But not everything in the books is 100% true, and readers can find out more about what Wilder embellished as well. This title also goes into Laura's life after she stopped writing, and how she lived out her days. Appropriate for all Little House fans, big and small. This is a nice bio for the younger crowd and explains how Laura Ingalls Wilder drew on the experiences of her family to create her beloved book series.As an adult reading it, I thought it was odd the parts that got left out, like the complete glossing over of any wartime activity (during the Civil War, WWI or WWII).It's pretty well done but left me with more questions. (And wanting to read the books again.)
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Perfect for its age range, realistic without being depressing and with charming illustrations.
Laura ingalls wilder is MY favorite author
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Well done.
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