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Little Conversations (2013)

Little Conversations (2013)

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I can. Not. Believe. I. Have. Not. Read. This. Before !!!!!!!I thought i loved Kian and Conall from Sibylla's Bitterroot Series !!!!I soooooo read all these books back to front !Be prepared to fall for Ronin and be prepared to fall HARD !!!Devin is on a harsh journey of self discovery in a set track..... Shes going to college with her first love Jake when fate deals her a harsh blow ..... Will she go back to Jake will she move on with Ronin? This is a tale of heartbreak love self discovery and hopeAs always ladies this is a spoiler free review You could really tell that Devin was just eighteen years old. I don't have anything against eighteen year old but devin was really immature and whinny. And she was so brainwashed and had such a low self-esteem. Normally that's something that I could have a connection with maybe but not this time. I really didn't like her, like at all. And the just friends thing she pulled with Ronin I could kind off understand but on the other hand totally now. I mean Jake treats her like a piece of shit and only goes to her when he sees fit. And the shit he keeps telling her makes me feel mad. But what gets me furious is that she just drops everything, including her selfworth, for jake. Ronin, ronin was like a saint to me. You could tell he was older than Devin and handles things very differently. He was very patient and kind. I did like him. To bad Devin kind of ruined it all for me. What is this story about Well this story is about eighteen year old devin that lives somewhere. I forgot were. The story was kind of phage. I didn't get what was going on most of the time. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention. But Devin has a boyfriend called Jake that treats her like shit. She knows he is cheating on her but she just things if she loves him enough he'll choose her and come back. And he does come back to her, but then he also goes back to his other girlfriend. He told her he love melanie ( the other girlfriend ) too and she just accepts it. She just takes him back every time. He is controlling, manipulating as hell. He tells her she's lucky that he loves her and that nobody els ever will, he tells her who she can and can't hang out with and when his friends are nice to her, he tell her that they only do it because the want to have sex with her because why else would they be nice to her. I was like omg your such a shitty friend. Maybe your friends are kind to her because she's your girlfriend and they respect that. Well Devin and Jake finally break up and Devin convinced herself that she is trying to move on. But in reality she isn't . She meets Donin and they hit if off right from the start. I don't really know why. And I don't know what he sees in her. He just kept saying he wants her and needs to protect her and stuff. The reality is that, for 90% of the book, that Devin will drop everything and hurt Donin ( either she knows it or not) for Jake.In the end Devin pulls her head out of her ass and wipe the shit out of her eyes and finally sees what a jackass jake is. What did I likeWell there wasn't much I liked. The story was odd. The writing style was oke, the Idea was oke but I just didn't have a connection with the story. It just didn't suck me in and made me love the characters. I just felt pity for them and eventually I didn't even feel that anymore. I just didn't care muchI do like ronin, he was just a very good guy with an amazing good heart. Even tho the story wasn't what I was looking for don't make that stop you from reading it. You might like itI give this book 2 starts. I hate giving low ratings but I just can't give more.

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Ronin was the only good thing in this book.

Cute story. Loved Ronin ;)

Such a great read.

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