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Little Oink (2009)

Little Oink (2009)

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0811866556 (ISBN13: 9780811866552)
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About book Little Oink (2009)

Little Oink isn't your typical messy pig. In fact, he hates getting dirty and making messes. But he has to mess up his room before he goes out to play his favorite house.In the same category as Little Hoot and Little Pea, this ironic story is charming and clever. It could be used in a discussion about how we all like different things. As with the other two books in this set, it could be used to talk about different literary devices, such as personification, plays-on-words, and irony. Little Oink likes a clean room, and according to his parents, that's a problem!Cute story about a pig whose forced to mess up his clean room. Target age is around preschool/kindergarten and I'm not sure if they'll get the joke. That, plus Rosenthal using "truffles" "relished" and other words they won't know (yes, yes, they need knew vocab. Truffles? Not so much) make me suspect parents will have more fun with this than kids.No ill will, I want to read her other books. The illustrators are fun as was the line "'Fine' whined the swine."

Do You like book Little Oink (2009)?

What if you're a little pig that doesn't like mud or messes? Adorable story and illustrations.

My three year old cleaned her room without prompting after we read this.

Probably my favorite book in this series...

Rosenthal's books do not disappoint.

Love this author and artist!

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