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Little Prisoners: A Tragic Story Of Siblings Trapped In A World Of Abuse And Suffering (2012)

Little Prisoners: A Tragic Story of Siblings Trapped in a World of Abuse and Suffering (2012)
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Little Prisoners: A Tragic Story Of S...
Little Prisoners: A Tragic Story Of Siblings Trapped In A World Of Abuse And Suffering (2012)

About book: I can't believe what Ashton and Olivia have gone through, but that's what makes them so endearing! I think Casey, Mike, Kieron and Riley must have incredible strength to welcome children like these into their home, and I salute their bravery. Casey worked her magic on these two just as she has with so many other children-I remember reading about 8 year old Spencer, and I see similarities between him and these two little ones. Olivia may have been the more challenging of the two, but Ashton has his own problems...and that's why I think the similarities are even more startling. But I think Casey deserves more recognition for what she does...she is a truly remarkable woman, and moulded these two little ones into perhaps not angels, but more rounded human beings. A pleasure to read! This book is not for the faint hearted or the over emotional. Its a very vivid account of 2 deeply disturbed siblings, as the title suggests prisoners trapped in a world of abuse. This is Casey Watson's third book and like her previous 2 titles centres around herself and her husband as foster carers. They typically foster older children and in this book although mislead into doing so, agree to provide temporary care for 2 young siblings. A boy and a girl. Every page made me angry, upset and intrigued. At various points in the book I just wanted to jump in and hug them. You hear and see abuse stories on the media, but this is a whole different kettle of fish. Although the story is obviously very sad and at times disturbing, it provides a fantastic insight into not only the minds of those abused but also the foster carers and raises awareness of various issues- how hard they work at building the foundation of a stable life for these young ones, exactly how effected children can be if subjected to abuse for long periods of times but also how under the right circumstances everything can completely change. From the start it is clear Olivia and Ashton are amazingly polite and bright children and the patience of Mike and Casey is appludable at times. I was in tears every time she learnt something new about the children's past and towards the end had no idea what so ever at what was about to happen. Would the kids stay at the Watson's permanently? Would they be found permanent carers? In contrast the ending is such a happy one. After spending the whole time wide eyed in disbelief and gobsmacked at what you are reading, you can not help but well up at how Olivia and Ashton's story pans out.
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The four stars are for content. Her writing isn't stellar, but she is pretty incredible.
Top read. Must read. The Watson's are so caring
A really, really good book.
Good book, but very sad.
Interesting, sad read
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