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Little Women And Me (2011)

Little Women and Me (2011)
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Little Women And Me (2011)
Little Women And Me (2011)

About book: Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book. Is it great literature? No, of course not. But as someone who loved Little Women as a girl, I recently re-read it and was not nearly as impressed as I once had been. This book seemed to showcase the things that I noticed after reading Little Women as an adult. The plot is pretty random; the characters are somewhat annoying; it is difficult for me to relate to as an adult. As a teacher, I also know that if I have trouble relating to the book, my students are certainly going to have issues with it. So I enjoyed this book for putting a bit of a modern twist on a classic. The story gives a fairly accurate representation of the original story, but tells it through the eyes of a modern narrator. It may seem silly, but this book might be the best way of getting some of the younger generation to read any version of Little Women. In a way, this book may just help to keep the original alive and well in the minds of younger readers. It was rather a nice break to read this mild young adult novel, with its quirks and amusing appeal of a 21st-century girl dropping suddenly into the mid-nineteenth century fiction story of Little Women. After reading so many bleak and dark stories in edgy young adult novels, which I love, I have to say that it was great to read just a fun twist on Little Women. If any character in this fresh look at Little Women was annoying was the 21st-century girl, Emily. If anyone or event was to change, Emily was the prime candidate from the beginning. Emily is just another ego-centric teen, trying to figure out she can get a guy to fall in love with her, or just plain like her. Mid-way into the story plot, Emily learns that she does have some redeemable solid qualities and values, ones that her so-called pretend siblings and the boy next door, Laurie, discover about her. Can I call Emily an annoying, ego-centric, and selfish teen character? Yes, and she is humorous in her thoughts, words, and deeds. But can I identify with her lack of self esteem and self-realization? Yes, as well. The story becomes more profound as Emily realizes the changes she wants to see in the plot are the ones she needs to see in herself. I think this is a worthy read, meaning to say, that what's a good book without an evolving subplot that we have yet to discover as readers?And yet, it was a great book to remind us all what a fantastic novel Louisa May Alcott created for generations to come.
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It's a girl who gets stuck into the story Little Women.
Wish more books like this existed
TBC Grades 6-12. December 2013.
great concept but bad ending!
it was kk
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