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Live Wire (2011)

Live Wire (2011)
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0525952063 (ISBN13: 9780525952060)
Dutton Adult
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Live Wire (2011)
Live Wire (2011)

About book: This is the tenth and what may be the last in the Myron Bolitar series It is also, in my opinion, the best in the series. While I value his stand alone novels more than his series work, this volume comes closest to matching the stand alones.The book opens with the statement, "The ugliest truth, a friend once told Myron, is still better than the prettiest of lies." The succeeding story proves the accuracy of that statement as lies lead to people dying because of them.All the usual memorable characters are here: Myron Bolitar ex basketball star and current sports and talent manager, Win Lockwood III, best friend and protector, Esperanza Diaz, business partner and ex-professional wrestler and Big Cindi, receptionist and Esperanza's wrestling partner. There's a certain bittersweet aura as these characters have aged and matured. The story opens as two of Myron’s clients: Suzze T, retired tennis pro and Lex Ryder, Suzze’s husband and member of the legendary rock band HorsePower are driven apart by an anonymous Facebook posting. As the plot unfolds Kitty Bolitar, wife of Myron's estranged brother Brad shows up with his nephew, Mickey, whom he has never met. The problems of Myron's clients also involve Al and Ellen, Myron's parents. Without going into excruciating detail, the twists and turns, the relationships, the minor characters and all the complications brought on by the lies of the past make a compelling story that is impossible to put down. I pretty much read the whole book on a cross country flight. I never guessed how things would play out but in the end all becomes clear and eventually makes complete, though poignant, sense. If I'm right and this is the last of the series, it couldn't have ended on a better note. I doubt if this is the end of Coben's literary efforts, however. I believe he's already published a juvenile novel with Myron's nephew Mickey as the protagonist. I hope one of his stand alone gems will appear soon. Plain, good story-telling! Probably a bit unrealistic that celebrity agents/reps could ever be as involved as Myron Bolitar with his clients lives, but it made for entertaining reading. Glimpses into the world of tennis and the twists and turns of rock star life, were woven into Myron's own family story. A "somewhat" surprise ending, made for a good read....something easy and relaxing on the long car ride I was on.
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The Myron charactar is great.The book has lot of laughs and very amusing language
Is this the end of Myron Bolitar? Still quick with the quips and analogies
A nice quick read. Nothing exceptional, but no big downers either.
The story was OK but the characters didn't jump off the page.
Loved it
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