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Living On The Edge (2011)

Living on the Edge (2011)

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About book Living On The Edge (2011)

Tough bodyguard/mercenary heroine keeps escaping ex-military Hero’s attempts to stop her from flying to Colombia to rescue her kidnapped friend per her general father’s request. She relents when he promises to help her bring her friend back to the US. Amidst gunfire & trek through the jungle their attraction gives way to some sexual interactions. Heroine makes sure that Hero knows that she’s only in it for the sex but Hero tries to convinces her to give their r/s a chance after they’re done with their rescue assignment. There were some exciting moments as they look for heroine’s friend, the main characters growing sexual & emotional attractions, and the plot re: why a bunch of women were being kidnapped & kept in the Colombian hideaway. But there were equally frequent scenes that were predictable & even corny. Heroine’s long-held resentment against her distant father was resolved within minutes. Hero’s family excuses him from their family business just as heroine pulled up to reunite with Hero and exchanged their “I love you”s. The pregnant hostage who was seduced by the villain and rescued by heroine’s teammate miscarries and it’s obvious that she and her rescuer will have their own book later.This book could’ve been better without the clichés & predictability. I’m hoping that Butcher’s future books in the series will do better.Partially recommended. Story was okay, and it moved fairly well, although I did find myself skimming several times. Our hero was a smidgen short of heroic, a little too much self pity to off set the nobility the author tried to infuse him with. Our heroine starts out strong and all kick-ass but she only demonstrated her advertised amazing ability once in the beginning and then she can't stand the heat in the kitchen. Characters too inconsistent for my liking but the author shows potential. The whole thing while not a terrible read was just superficial and my mental view was choppy and limited. All and all just average at best. My search to find an author who can really write a sexy and compelling special ops novel with actual depth continues.

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Great series starter. Looking forward to the next bk.

Liked the characters but the story was predictable.

Lots of action and romance...a must read.

march 2011


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