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Líný Rodič (2009)

Líný rodič (2009)

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About book Líný Rodič (2009)

this book took me a while finished. there were many points during the time I took to read it when I wanted to put it down. But I am very thankful i stuck with it. A lot of the information the author wrote in this books is great, and opthe author offers a lot of suggestions, While I did find some of his suggestions to be rude or lazy to me i do see where he was coming from. I would suggest this book to any parent or caregiver trying to bring more peace and harmony in their lives First off, read the book to the end. I think many of the previous reviews by people who couldn't bring themselves to finish the book may have changed their minds if they could power through a little longer.In the early chapters, this book sounds pretty ridiculous. The author appears to be condoning honest laziness. He gives the impression that his take on parenting is literally kicking your feet up and doing nothing for your kids. When you get a little further in, the truth is revealed. The author is promoting doing nothing FOR your kids, but spending plenty of time in useful, positive interactions. Perhaps, for example, living with less and consuming less will lead to more happiness in life as you won't have to work so hard. The most meaningful interactions could come from simply doing chores together. He believes kids are meant to run wild and free, playing in great packs as they did in older days, which leaves parents more free to be an example of a positive adulthood. It's good for kids to see parents reading a book, working on a craft, building, and enjoying life in general. Kids will be inspired to do the same in their own lives and may even ask to be included.The whole concept seems a blend of unschooling, Waldorf education (he calls it a Steiner education, but same person and concept), Montessori, and Charlotte Mason. Whether you choose to educate your child at home or in a school, there are some great tips for keeping a great, relaxing, happy home life.

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Engaging and thought provoking even if you don't actually live out his entire philosophy.

I like the idea that lazy people raise self-sufficient children...

Pretty inconsistent, but some good ideas on parenting.

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