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L'ombre Du Conquérant (2011)

L'ombre du conquérant (2011)
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L'ombre Du Conquérant (2011)
L'ombre Du Conquérant (2011)

About book: Corvis Rebaine once almost had it all: the dreaded warlord who launched a campaign against Imphallion and took half the country with no contest. That was seventeen years ago. With victory on his doorstep, he left it all behind and settled down. But the problems that drove him to war seventeen years earlier weren't solved, and someone else has decided to pick up where he left off. Now, for the sake of his family, Corvis finds himself once again putting on the costume of the Terror of the East and marching out to war.Given that the war is more of a past event, the book gets an interesting perspective on what happens after, and the sorts of problems that might beset a once-dreaded nightmare in middle age. The contrast between then and now comes out piece by piece as memories of the war are set against people and places as they have become. It also lends Corvis a maturity he clearly didn't have as a younger man, which adds to the already rampant humor. One of my favorite scenes is when he pulls out his old armor and blushes at how much of an idiot he must have looked in such showy gear (not to mention the issues he has with it now).It was hard to go more than a few pages without laughing. Between absurd circumstances, sarcastic companions, and the wisdom of maturity against the idealism of youth, the jokes fly fast and furious. But the serious things, the searching questions, and the hard decisions are not glossed over in favor of creating a few more laughs. Overall this was an enjoyable read from a different perspective. It stands alone, though there are promises of a sequel. I rate this book Recommended. I absolutely loved the concept behind this book. A ruthless conqueror redeemed by the power of love? Be still my heart. The author did an incredible job of balancing Corvis’ devotion to his family with the inner warlord that will always be a part of him. I really liked Corvis despite (or maybe because of) his moral ambiguity, but I also loved the secondary characters. Khanda was a particular favorite, as was Davro. Each secondary character had a distinct personality, and I really loved getting to know all of them in turn. I even liked the twist at the end when Audriss’ real identity was revealed. I—along with Corvis—though I was so smart and had it all figured out long before then, but I enjoyed being proven wrong. The action was fast-paced, the writing witty and descriptive without getting bogged down in its own brilliance, and the overall feel of the book was very much a fantasy one. I’m delighted to know there’s a sequel to this fabulous book.
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Dark fantasy, interspersed with fast paced action and sarcastic wit. A fun read.
Been looking for a good anti-hero. Love the humor and wit in this book :D
Fun fantasy read with interesting characters and quick moving action.
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