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Long Time Coming (2010)

Long Time Coming (2010)

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1426707681 (ISBN13: 9781426707681)
Abingdon Press

About book Long Time Coming (2010)

I just loved this story so much.these two ladies became good friends.I liked how Mrs.deidre kept trying get her friend. kenisha to put her faith in god.I also loved how she find good Christian couple to adopt her children.I enjoyed reading this book cried and laughed through out the's a must will have some good friends and then you will have some bad friends in our life on this earth.but the good friends test thick with during good times and bad times are truly friends from god. This book was absolutely outstanding! This story grabbed me right from the very first page and never let me go. My heart was breaking for these two women more and more with every turn of the page.The two main characters - Deidre and Kenisha could not be any more different from each other!Deidre - School principle, proper, happily married, beautiful house, but desperately wants to have a child.Kenisha - Poor, smart mouthed and sassy, has 3 children she can hardly take care of and no husband to help her.Both women have forsaken God in different ways and for different reasons. Deidre thinks God isn't answering her prayers for a child. Kenisha lost a sister to murder, a brother to drug addiction, and found out she has cancer - she has no use for God in her life.This story is so raw and heartbreakingly real. I felt so close to the characters I had to keep reminding myself that this is Fiction. I do not know these people! So many things are happening in Kenisha's life you may wonder if it seems unreal, but it is so real. I know that there are people, women, out there that have very sad lives like this.This is not your traditional "love story/Romance" but to me it was very much a love story.It was about - the love between Deidre and her Husband and how he still supported her even after 7 longs years of no children.- the love between Kenisha and her children. As poor as she was and having the life that she was delt, she was still an excellent mother and really loved her kids!- the love between two women from such different worlds who bond together and support each other and end up "loving each other".- and finally the love of God! How these two women came to know God's love together.I can not say enough good things about this book! I absolutely loved it. This will go down as one of my favorites of the year. And - Vanessa Miller - this will not be the last book of yours I read! That is a promise!

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Amazing book. I felt like I cried through the whole book.

Excellent book! Tear Jerker!

Cried all the way through

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