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Longe Demais (2011)

Longe Demais (2011)

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I loved it I went to some serious extremes to read this book. Like Serious stuff. I had two different low batteries for this book but it was so worth it. When I figured out she had cancer my mouth like fell right open my cousin actually said why is your mouth open like that? I told her the book was just so good I couldn't keep my mouth closed. This book was so worth anything and everything I went through to read it though I am so happy Jennifer Echols wrote this book. I really enjoyed Such A Rush so I decided to pick this one up. After reading the first couple pages, I was hesitant on whether to keep going. The story seemed to just be about a girl lashing out because she's a teenager and teenagers rebel. I was glad I persisted on if not for the fact that I hate DNF a book. I was surprised because there was depth to the story and the characters. The moment I met Johnafter, I knew he had a sad story. He was the opposite of Meg, being uptight and overprotective, but they were attracted to each other. Through their casual conversations, they got to know each other. They fell for each other only to discover they were both hiding a painful past. Meg had Leukemia and John's brother died on the train tracks. The truths explained their behaviours and I'm glad they were able to help each other overcome their fears, no matter how painful the means, to be together.Echols tried to put emphasis on the blue hair thing being super weird but I had to disagree. I think it's brave to be able to express yourself that way. It wasn't until further towards the end of the book that it was revealed Meg dyed her hair because she had cancer. It was her form of acknowledging it. From then on, things made sense to me. Everything Meg did had meaning. She wanted to live her life to the fullest because one day the cancer might come back. I definitely have respect for her.I felt the ending was a little rushed and was tied up a bit loosely but overall this is a quick read for people who enjoy romance with a side of meaning.

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there's a lot of unrealistic things in this book, but it's still one of my favourite comfort reads.

Liked it....I was a little surprised by the ending

Loved it beyond doubt :)

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