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Lookin' For Luv (2001)

Lookin' For Luv (2001)

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I was somewhat shocked when I found that this book was supposed to be for juveniles.After reading this book,I find it extremely hard to believe that this book was meant to be read by a younger audience.While I found it in the Adult Fiction section of the library I felt it was the correct place to be. Not only did it contain references about drug use, but also, it also had several sexual relationships in it. The reason why I liked this book is because to how real it is.By this I mean that the characters are very realistic and so much so, I beg if I went on the street right now, I'm sure that I could hear a conversation just like the ones read in this book. Also, I enjoyed the way in which the author gave an individual voice to each character in the book.Not once did I feel confused by who was speaking. For each character, you saw a different man who was in a different type of situation. Furthermore, the way in which the author tied these men together was also good.I would have never thought the one come find a way to connect three friends and their boss. Overall, I was impressed by this book.Not only did the author do a great job, but also, this helped give me a new insight into men's minds when it comes to relationships.Also through reading this book, I found that for all the pretend that one does in life, in the end, all anyone wants in life is to be loved by someone and have someone love them back.

I've had this book on my shelf forever and im happy I finally got around to reading it. I was really excited because i was happy to be reading another book by carl weber that was told from the male perspective.I immediately thought this book would be a lot like Married Men but i was sadly mistaken. This book was not hard to get into but it seemed that almost half of the drama in this book was very generic its almost like i've read it before. I also felt like the description was very misleading. I thought the men were all going to date various people before they found love but that was false. I understand why Carl had to simplify the dating because in the beginning it was VERY hard to keep up with all of the characters. I was somewhat disappointed with this book but i liked it because of the outcome of all of the men. Would I recommend: No

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I really enjoyed this older work by Mr. Weber. Three friends--Tyrone, Antoine, and Kevin--are all searching for a good woman. They end up calling one of those dating chat lines that were so popular in the nineties. As a result, they end up on a series of adventures (and mishaps) during their quest to hook up with the perfect woman. I enjoyed the humorous dialogue. It was true to the NYC culture back then. I appreciated how the characters were all professional black men, but down-to-earth. The female characters all provided true-to-life depictions of the struggles black women--women of all cultures--face in the dating world. They faced realistic issues but managed to survive without the corny, over-the-top perfect solutions we often find in fiction. There was romance without the raunchy sex scenes we find in Mr. Weber's later works. I appreciated that more. The scenes were sensual rather than explicit and I was able to use my imagination to fill in the rest. It was a tasteful work. I wish Mr. Weber would take his diverse writing style back to the old-school in his future works because I've enjoyed this work of his a lot more than his later novels.
—Vacirca Vaughn

The book begins a little slow, but once you get started and have all of the characters in order, it's pretty good. I re-read this book for the second time and an understand better since I'm a little older. I can see this book as one of those movies like "The Wood", "Baby Boy" or even "Why Did I Get Married". The story has so many surprises in it; once you think you have it all figured out, something else happens! I would recommend this to someone who just wants something not too serious (I even laughed aloud at many points). Also, remember it was written in the 90's so some of the language is dated, but many of the issues characters face are real and appicable to many people today. Overall, a few years down the line, when I forget the details, I'd probably read it again.
—Kierra J.

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