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Los Fantasticos Libros Voladores De Morris Lessmore (2011)

Los Fantasticos Libros Voladores de Morris Lessmore (2011)

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1933032839 (ISBN13: 9781933032832)
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About book Los Fantasticos Libros Voladores De Morris Lessmore (2011)

This book in my opinion has good illustrations. Every picture throughout the book is real animated. The cover of the book has the title in gold in a old looking font. On the back cover of the book there's quotes from New York Times and London Times about what they thought of the book.This book is a man named Morris who loved books. He had a book of his own but it got ruined in a bad storm. However he finds a place full of books and pretty much spends most of his life there until it's his time to go. Word is a way to express people's emotions and thoughts. Morris writes a book about his own story, I think it must be a thick book and there must be many words inside the book. The beginning of this book is a warm sense. A young man is writing down something in his book. The weather is sunshine outside. The young man just enjoy everything. But the windstorm destroyed everything. Although Morris dead in the real place, he still alive in the dream place. In this place, he did what he want to do and enjoyed his daily life. Maybe this is not best end for him, but it is the most suitable end for him. I read the digital version of this book. The digital style of this book, it looks like a small cartoon or film. Although the journey of the Morris Lessmore is very exciting and short, but this is a story about his whole life. Through Morris's whole life, I feel that he is a lucky man, because he does what he likes to do in his whole lifespan. There are less people can do what they want in a while, especially in the whole life.

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I liked it on the first read, and I think I might get fonder of it the more I read it to N.

such a great picture book about the coolest topic ever: the power of books!

This is a must read for book lovers of all ages!Highly recommended.

Beautiful! Pictures are captivating.

Pretty random!!

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