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Loser (2002)

Loser (2002)

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I found that the first pages that I have read are kind of boring for several reasons. The first reason why I found it a bit boring is because the main character’s life Donald is so boring. Donald’s life is so boring because it is the first days of school, he does not have friends, he has the same program every day which is go to school, come home, go to school come home. The second reason why the first pages of the book are boring is because there is no conflict, no objective, and just three characters in the story, which makes it very boring. There is no conflict in the beginning of the story because he just starts to be a kid with a grown mind. These are the reasons why the beginning of the story is boring. In my independent book there is a character that I really love for several reasons. The character’s name is Donald. The first reason why I like my main character Donald is because he is very smart and brave small guy that has a very boring life. Donald is a smart, brave, and calm guy because he is not scared of no one such as if a older guy tries to scare him or bully him he just wont care and move on with his life and he is smart because he always participates in class and an active learner. The second reason why I like Donald a lot is because he is a calm guy. He is a calm guy because one day a fourth grader came up to him, snatched his hat to make him cry and annoy him. Donald told him that it was his hat, but the guy told him no its mine so the kid Donald told him ok no problem you can have it. That’s why he is very calm and acts like a big guy. These are the reasons why I love my main character Donald. I start to love my book for several reasons. First reason why I like my book is all about the craziness in the book. I really like all the craziness because like the characters are very crazy. The craziest characters are the kid Donald, the teacher, and a bit from the father. Donald is very crazy because he makes everything into a funny thing like if the teacher says a word he falls on the floor and starts laughing and whenever the teacher punishes him he keeps laughing like if she awarded him. The teacher and the father are kind of crazy, but not as much as Donald. The teacher and the father are crazy because they invent weird words that do not even exist. Personally when the reader reads those weird words it kind of annoying because you do not understand any single thing. The second reason why I start liking the book is the school adventures. I like the school adventures because he has a stamp r button that the teacher keeps on your shirt if you are misbehaving and Donald has it everyday. So I start loving the school adventure. These are the reasons why I start loving this book.I start liking Donald the main character a little bit for several reasons. The first reason why I like him is because he plays soccer and I love people that play soccer. He is a very bad soccer player, but still he is very funny when he plays soccer because for him a net is a net, he sometimes shoots on his own net, but fortunately he misses as always. The second reason why I love Donald is because he is a very responsible kid. He is very responsible because he is still learning how to read and he already knows how to cook and how to get prepared for school. Donald is a kid that has a weird thing, he vomits a lot, and sometimes he even vomits on the soccer ball. So he made a plan every time he feels like vomiting he goes to the nearest object. These are the reasons why I love Donald the main character.I really like the book that I read for several reasons. The first reason is that the book is so funny. It is funny because the main character gets always in trouble, can’t stop laughing for no reason, and can’t stop vomiting on every object around him. The second reason why I like the book is because it encourages me to do the same theme of the book. It encourages me to go and give a try to my father’s work or give a try to my dream, which is soccer. These are the reasons why I like the book .In the other hand I don’t like the book that I read for several reasons. First reason is that the main character tries so hard to be a perfect person for his friends. I don’t like that because it makes me feel kind of sad because he cares so much about the mean people around him. The second reason why I don’t like the book is because a part of the story is sad. It is sad because the main character does not have friends until the end of the book and he always tries to have at least one, but his people around him call him a loser. These are the reasons why I kind of not like a pert of the book.

Main character Zinkcoff-I think zinkcoff is wild child he is always n trouble or heading for it. When he is in school he has a problem with laughing he always laugh. When he sis laughing he falls on the floor and laugh for a long time. Also he is out going he is smiling. But he has a disease that makes him throw up when he does he throws up I the closest thing he can. Dad- the reason I call him dad id because he doesn’t have a name other than this book the reason I am telling you about him id because he is a mailman. Zinkcoff has always wanted to be a mail man he wants to take after his dad. This is a book about this kid named Donald Zinkoff but they call him zinkoff. When zinkoff was little he would sneak out really early and go to school when nobody was there. He would always be in the back to until 4th grade he’s teacher the last letters of the alphabet should be in the front row that ear is when his life changed he also found a best friend. He’s best friend was making an ear wax candle. The most common settings are at school. The book takes us through 7 years of school. Also at home because most of the time when he’s not at school he sat home. Also he’s around his city because he like to deliver mail with his dad. He loves delivering mail.Some conflicts in the book is that he gets mad fun of because of the hats he wears. He also sneaks out of the house to get to school early. Also he has surgery. One more thing is he has troubles with bullies Some resolutions are tell them I can make my own chooses. Also his parents need to keep the doors locked so he can’t get out. Also ignore the bullies.This book is or elementary kids because it could help them with situations they deal with. Also because it is comical and I think they would like those. Also in most of the book he is in elementary and I think they would get the thing he says the most. And they would get the action he makes I think this is a good book it helps with the decisions you may be effaced with. Also it is nt slow in any parts but in the last couple of chapters it goes fast. Some part may be scary to young children but will be aright to older children. Also a very good book loved it.

Do You like book Loser (2002)?

This book was very much like Star girl in themes. It addresses a child growing up "different" from everyone else. He is more sincere, he cares about people, he is bad at sports and school, but he has a passion for life. The novel explores child politics --> human psychology in stratifying from even a very young age. It talks about the power of a good teacher and about people living on the periferal of life (small children and old people - (an old man waiting for his brother to come back from a war that ended 30 years like, people that aren't obsessed with the average things that are commonly associated with everyday life (work, school....)). I suppose in that way, it celebrates humanness. Being essentially different from eachother. It puts down conformity and competition. It really dwelved into the stratifying idea and you just felt so bad for this kid that was a "loser" because he didn't fit the steryotype for "cool".It was sweet, but I didn't like the 3rd person voice. It made it kindof long for me.
—Ofa Fotu

I enjoyed “Loser” by Jerry Spinelli , because it deals with a boy that has problems and he tries to fix it but sometime he just faces his fears. One day he tries to go down in the basement to see what kind of monster is down there. He also got stitches and he had to stay home from school and he likes to laugh so much and say yahoo when he does in school. When he get his stitches out the scar is going to be there for a long time. Every time he eats he throws up and he cant help that he had stitches.The book is told through the first person point of view of Donald. His character experience how a little boy can change from first grade to fifth grade. He has changed by going down in the basement and he does not laugh as much as he did. When he got to fifth grade he sits in the front seat in class. Donald has a mind of his own. The second grade teacher does not like his oddities. The book takes place in John Satterfield Elementary School in modern time. If kids live in a small town, they can be just like Donald and have problems. Some kids are normal, but the others can try to change. The time period of present day is significant, because some kids can have issues. I would recommend “Loser” to seventh graders, so they can see some of what other kids have to do when they have problems. Both female and males would like this book. You never know what kid has a disability and when they read this book they can see how people can change their lives.
—Heidi Solchenberger

With a name like LOSER, I really expected to hate this book and feel sorry for the main character throughout the entire story. The story is written with an omniscient narrator, and even though the plot could focus on the kids that teased Zinkoff, it focuses on Zinkoff's positive attitudes despite his peers, instead. My favorite chapter was about Zinkoff's day shadowing his father in his job as a mailman. He was so happy to get to deliver the mail... it was so cute!I'm reading this book with my advisory class. I want them to love it as much as I did.

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