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Lost Star (2009)

Lost Star (2009)

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About book Lost Star (2009)

I am a fan of the series so I was excited to read Aubrey and Seht's story. I didn't love it as much as the other two in the series but I think that was mostly personal preference rather then any big issues I had. I really liked Aubrey's story even though it wasn't an easy one to read. I would have been nice to have more of Seht's back story. Aubrey's intro into BDSM to help him find a safe way to get past his need to cause pain was really glossed over and I wanted to know more. What happened when Seht finally found Aubrey felt rushed to me. I felt like we were missing details and I thought Seht needed to fight more. Another huge miss, Aubrey never really showed Seht his new found way to play, it was just talked about. That would have added some heat! Okay so maybe I did have big issues with lack of details. Overall, this was just okay but I loved the rest of the series so I'll get over myself. Great sci-fi m/m D/s erotic romance. Lots of sci-fi details and plot. How often does that happen? Well-developed characters, but not a lot of romantic development (it's m/m, so I wasn't expecting mushy--if you want more romantic development in an m/m BDSM story, try Joey W. Hill's "Rough Canvas"). If I'd read the other reviews here, I would have read "Victorious Star" first. Now I can't wait to read it.

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Love this series, love this author. Awesome to get the backstory on Seht and Aubrey.

Loved this prequel. Just wish it would have been a bit longer.

Loved it!

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