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Lovci Monster S.r.o. (2012)

Lovci monster s.r.o. (2012)

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About book Lovci Monster S.r.o. (2012)

Monster Hunter International is a actionfilled book about (more or less) regular guys killing supernatural stuff. Many books do that (God Touched and more or less Mercy Thompson and so on...) but MHI made me feel like watching a action movie. It was awesome and fans of the action genre should try the series.Whenever i feel emotional i read a Sparks book, but this kind of series is about hunting the bad guys down and doing it in a bloody way. And its a BLOODDDYYYYY business! I’ve read books which Correia has written with collaborators. They were over-the-top adventures with bigger-than-life characters. Not surprisingly, this must be true of all of his stuff. But monster hunting!?I read the first couple of chapters and I thought about stopping – werewolves, zombies, vampires, and various other monsters – but, actually, I got into it pretty quickly. It’s definitely escapist reading. “Monster Hunter International” (MHI) reminds me somewhat of “The Dresden Files”. Correia plays it straight and after a while you get pulled into the book’s “reality” e.g. the bounty laws started in the Roosevelt (Teddy) administration. The private company (est. 1895) competes with the Justice Department’s Monster Controller Bureau. (… Yikes!)The main character, a MHI “newbie”, Owen Zastava Pitt (nickname, “Z”) is a bit of a smartass – but pales in comparison to Harry Dresden – and is a big hulk of a man. He was CPA (albeit with several black belts in various martial arts and a gun nut). His fellow newbies include a school teacher, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, librarian, priest, and stripper. Unlike Harry Dresden who convinces the reader of his “reality”, in this book, Z is just as surprised as the reader!The ploy is simple. Yes, there are monsters. They must die or the world will be imperiled. (AKA – See monster. Kill monster.) While the Dresden Files depends on magic, MHI depends on kick-ass. The author is definitely a gun nut! The characters are – to say the least interesting (although shallow). It’s a sometime-funny, tongue-in-cheek read. Monster Warning: You REALLY have to like fantasy & guns to enjoy this book.

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about as original as you'd expect a book titled monster hunter to be

I needed a new series. This will do nicely!

Fun, monster slaying brain candy.

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