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Love Finds You In Wildrose ND (2012)

Love Finds You in Wildrose ND (2012)

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Summerside Press

About book Love Finds You In Wildrose ND (2012)

Rosemary Jackson traveled to the tundra of North Dakota territory to visit her twin sister, Rachel who left three years ago for Kansas. Rosemary finds a grave, a grieving brother in- law, and an underfed baby. She has to stay and see the child through the long winter. Rosemary comes to love Finn, but she knows he will never return her love. It is an enthralling story of love and life on the plains. This book wasn't my favorite of the Love Finds You series, but it wasn't bad. The character development was very good, and the story was interesting...funny at times, and made me cry a couple of times because it was so touching at times. What a hard life homesteaders had...we take so much for granted...just basic needs...when you imagine what these pioneers went through.Worth the read if you have enjoyed the series.

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Gives a great understanding of how tough it was to live off the land.

This is an excellent read. One of her best!

Cute, sweet, free book on my NOOK.

I loved this book!!


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