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Love In Rewind (2014)

Love in Rewind (2014)

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0996052917 (ISBN13: 9780996052917)
Tali Alexander Books Inc.

About book Love In Rewind (2014)

This was Tali Alexander Debut as an author and let me tell you I was blown away by this story. She had me captivated from the start I wasn't sure if I was going to be happy at first when I started this book. Cause honestly Louis made me mad I just wanted to hug Em and let her know she was important. But everything started changing as soon as she was telling me about the real story from the beginning. I felt as if I was Emily no I am not rich but some of the things in this story are my reality. To have a connection with someone that you feel you would die without is such a magical feeling. I live that life everyday with my husband. This was a beautifully written story I know there was an age difference between the two but it didn't matter. Love will always win in the end you just have to allow it to take hold. Emily and Louis were absolutely perfect for each other did they struggle yes they did no life is perfect. But these two were soul mates it was hard to read because I feel this way for my husband. I can't explain why because I would give spoilers away but I will say that when we went through what they did I was the same way as Louis is her lifeline and touching is what you need to feel to make sure it's real. That your lifeline is still in place you can't let go it consumes you in every way possible. To know that the love of your life holds you in your arms making you feel safe and complete in the world. If you truly know what is to love you will understand this book it has touched my heart so much to know even if a fictional character is in my reality to feel a chemistry like that has no limits. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for this story and can't wait for the next story. I think you Tali Alexander are an amazing writer and did a phenomenal job. Feelings and thoughts while reading...Chapter 1: "What the hell Louis? You're such a jerk!" "Awww. Poor Emma"Chapter 2-35 (flashback): "Oh gosh, why are so old Louis?" "Intense first time to be together..." "On second thought, I don't care about your age Louis" "How the hell will they fall apart when their relationship is just beyond perfect and not to mention intense... ;)?"Chapter 36: "Here we go, the reason why..." "I knew it, Louis is just too good to be true" "Wait, something's not right. He can't be the bad guy!"Chapter I'm-not-sure-what-I-Just-know-it's-Louis'-perspective: "I'm hurting so much, I'm just going to cry myself out like you Louiis"Chapter something until epilogue: "Louis you can't die!" "Was it just Em's dream or was it real? Wait is Louis saying goodbye? Nooooo..." "Oh false alarm! Of course you can't freaking die!" "~sigh~ I just love happy endings.....wait, there's still the epilogue. Will Knight....Will....Can you please be the next hero for Tali's second book? pleeeease?"

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This story was fast paced the way i like. One word cliffhanger. Cant wait for next book.

What a waste of my time...

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Loved this book!

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