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Love Is A Many Trousered Thing (2007)

Love Is a Many Trousered Thing (2007)
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Love Is A Many Trousered Thing (2007)
Love Is A Many Trousered Thing (2007)

About book: Emma KempA Block “Love is a Many Trousered Thing” by Louise Rennison is written in diary format. The book is about Georgia Nicolson’s adventures through life. Georgia is a high schooler at an all girls school in the suburbs of England. Georgia lives with her family who she never fails to portray as crazy. Her mom isn’t your typical stay- home-and-make-dinner-for-the-family sort of woman. She is usually out with the ‘girls’ at yoga, dancing etc. Georgia’s dad, who she calls Vati as they say in Germany, is always on Georgia for something. Whether it’s being in the bathroom too long, her lack of good grades, getting home too late... There’s always something that Vati can yell at Georgia for. Libby is just a toddler, but she is a violent toddler, who is always tearing apart her stuffed animals and Barbies. Libby hangs around grown up people too much so she’s grown a “potty mouth” at a young age. For example, “Then she started snorting and shouted “Bye-bye, arsey” and slammed down the receiver.” (Rennison 135) Georgia has a cat named Angus who is the size of a small dog. Angus thinks that he’s a dog. One time, Angus played fetch with Georgia. Angus is always attacking Mr. and Mrs. Next Door Neighbor’s poodles and stealing their food just for the fun of it. Georgia has a whole group of great (and sometimes violent) friends. Her best friend is named Jas and she’s obsessed with owls and the outdoors. Her other friend, Rosie, is absolutely crazy. She’s dating a guy who everyone thinks is a Viking, but they aren’t really sure because he doesn’t speak English too well. Ellen is “the ditherqueen of the universe and beyond” meaning that she isn’t ever really sure what to say, so she usually ends up mumbling and not saying much of anything. For example, “Ellen said, “Oh right, shall we, erm... is it... can I... are we all...” And so on.” (Rennison 243) This group of friends creates the Ace Gang, whom Georgia is constantly with, and if they’re not together, they’re on the phone with each other. Georgia’s best boy friend is named Dave the Laugh, who is quite honestly hilarious, but Georgia isn’t sure if she likes him or not. Georgia’s friends are like family to her and she knows that however many fights they may have, she can always rely on them. Georgia really likes Masimo, aka the “Love God”, aka the “Italian Stallion.” At the beginning of the book, Masimo was proclaiming his love for Georgia, as Georgia’s ex-boyfriend Robbie was coming back from “kissing marsupials” in Australia. Georgia and Robbie never officially ended things, but Robbie had been gone for so long that Georgia had just given up on him. Georgia, who is the picture of “casualosity-at-all-times,” ran away from them both, saying that she had a train to catch... even though it was the middle of the night and there wasn’t a train station around. Georgia was put “into the cake shop of agony” by her maybe-two boyfriend scenario. Throughout the book, Georgia must decide which one she “lurrrrrrves” better- Robbie or Masimo... or maybe it’s Dave the Laugh. Who knows? Georgia definitely doesn’t! This book was absolutely hilariously, laugh-out-loud funny! The only problem with all of the humor and sarcasm was that I never knew if Georgia was being serious or sarcastic. It was hard to understand when Georgia was trying to be honest and deep, because I was always laughing. The book has some English words in it, like “arvie”, “bloke”, “duffing up” so I was a little confused in some parts of the book; it helped that there was a vocabulary list in the back of the book. I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 points. I loved that I was constantly laughing while reading. Also, this book wasn’t an emotionally deep read so it didn’t require a lot of thinking while I was reading. I take off .5 point because the English words threw me off a little bit. But let me say the vocabulary and humor-gone-too-far were totally minor things. I absolutely loved this book.

Summary: Georgia finds herself in the "oven of love" once again as she has feelings for three different guys. Who knew it would be so hard to have three gorgeous men liking you at once? Throughout the book Georgia flip-flops from guy to guy, trying to figure out how she really feels about each one. Later, Georgia goes on a camping trip with her class. Her friend Dave shows up and Georgia realizes she might like him more than a friend.I didn't think it possible for me to like #8 in the series this much more than #7! But I did, and though you can skip many paragraphs and at times it can be a bit slow moving, this part of the Georgia Nicolson series is not one to miss! Well, you could read the next one and understand what is going on, but this one is a pleasure to read. There were no quotes for this book, which was shocking because I found the pages were littered with fantastic quotes. Here's one of my (many) favorites:"biologyThe film turns out to be about bees. It is a film about a bee center. How crap is this going to be? an hour later That was the best thing I have seen for ages. We made Miss Wilson rewind the bit where the two queens were having a bitch fight."Overall, about a 4.5. One complaint is that Georgia NEEDS to stand up for herself against Lindsay. Georgia is so witty, yet every time Lindsay makes a rude remark, she doesn't say or do anything about it. Other than that, great storyline in this one. I'm reading the books out of order but it really doesn't matter because they are quite easy to follow. I'm someone who doesn't like realistic fiction that much, but I loved this book.
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comShe's baaaaack! The one and only, the fabbity of the fab Georgia Nicolson is back, this time with problems that she thought she had already solved. We all thought that Georgia's heartbreaker days were over but, unfortunately, they just keep on coming. Now, too many of the boys from her past are looking irresistible and sending those mixed messages that could be about love (or at least that's what Georgia thinks). After having to be the only one in the ace gang without a significant other, Georgia finally got what she wanted -- Massimo finally confessed his love to her. Sure, that's just great, but now her first love, the Sex God, is making his way back into her life, and she just doesn't know what to do (aside from getting the best out of the problem). If only she could go to someone to talk to, like Dave the Laugh, except that would only add more to her troubles and then make it three against one. Aside from her boy troubles, though, Georgia's life is still the same, what with her annoying Mutti and Vati always bugging her and Libby, who is beginning to be even more of a pest, just like Angus, and friends who don't seem to understand anything AT ALL! What's a girl to do? Let life take its course, instead of fate, and eat some fab cake on the way! Funnier then ever, LOVE IS A MANY TROUSERED THING is just another hilarious novel in the Georgia Nicolson series. After reading this, I just wonder, how much more trouble can Georgia get into? Fans of the series will want to read this installment right after licking their lips at the cupcakes on the cover.
Christina Wilder
Ah, young love. It's ghastly and stupid. Particularly if your ex, your sort-of boyfriend, and your friend that you are quite obviously attracted to are all in the mix.Luckily we have Georgia Nicolson to sort it all out for us.Our little girl is growing up, and in the eighth installment of this series, Georgia is demonstrating her maturity. Now, I'm going to go ahead and say that she's quite ignorant about sexuality, but as she's SUPPOSED to be an ignorant young girl (that's ignorant, not hate-filled or stupid, and yes, there is a difference), I was able to let her potentially offensive statements go. Some others may not. Now, she doesn't say there's anything wrong with being gay (that would have equalled an automatic one star for me) but she thinks she spots her neighbor wearing a dress (she's mistaken) and wonders if he's gay. I befriended a man in college who loved to dress in drag and he was as straight as they come.Anyway, digressions. The maturity in question comes about when Miss Thing needs to make a decision about whom she's going to be with (and as it's not the last book in the series, I'm sure this isn't her final decision). While she is young and confused, she makes sure not to string her guys along and feels guilty about being a little heartbreaker. So basically this teenage girl shows more maturity and decency than a lot of women who are at the forefront of all these New Adult books.I was actually surprised by the emotional intensity of the ending. Things are about to get more interesting for Georgia and a certain you-know-who (view spoiler)[Dave the Laugh! Love him! (hide spoiler)]
Georgia meets nature in this installment when her class is forced to go on a camping trip. It kind of reminds me of when the boys from Top Gear went camping…the tent issues, bathroom problems etc.—though minus flame issues they encountered. On a side note, I love wacky Rosie with her fake beard and Viking wedding preparations. Priceless!On a further side note, I can certainly relate to Georgia when she describes boys’ cologne: “Wearing pongy stuff that some fool in advertising says is irresistible to women, and that as soon as they smell it they want to get to No. 6 with you. I passed Oscar the trainee tosser this evening and practically passed out. I have NEVER smelled stronger Brut or Impulse or whatever it is. I was choking. I tell you what, if he lights up a fag as well, that will be the end of him.”
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