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Love Just Happens (2000)

Love Just Happens (2000)

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About book Love Just Happens (2000)

I really, really enjoyed this YA book. The plot was a bit predicted when I started reading but I think the author did a very good job letting us understand Sarah's actions and if this was a real life story (which I bet there are) as an outsider looking in I would have quickly judged Sarah as someone who is unloyal and betrays friendships because of her own selfish needs. But actually reading from the main characters point of view, you quickly understand her intentions were never to hurt her best friend and that her and Ryan were supposed to be together by began liking each other at the wrong time for the right reasons. This is a great book, like I said it's predictable but enjoyable. P.S I read the book in two hours! Totally loved it. x This wasn't my first Elizabeth Scott book, I've read quite a few others, and loved each and every one of them, so I was more than a little excited going into this one.I don't know if those expectations ended up building the book up a little too high, but the book didn't meet my hopes for it.This wasn't my favorite Elizabeth Scott book, in fact, it's my least favorite.One of the biggest issues I had with this book, is simply that I didn't find myself getting attached to any of the characters at all. I didn't really feel invested in the story, and that kind of let it down for me.I just didn't feel as though there was really enough going on to keep me interested.There were some really great moments, sweet moments that gave me hope for the book getting better, but then I ended up getting a little bored again.This was by no means an awful book, I did enjoy a lot of it, but it's not one of the best I've read recently, and it's probably not a book that I'd recommend to my friends, or one which I'd read again.Having said that, I can see how this book would appeal to people. It had some nice moments, it just wasn't for me.Rating | 4/10

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I love the story of sarah and ryan. But sarah being friend with her stupid best friend, hate it!

I had really high hopes for this one... I really enjoyed the book but I was expecting better!

Very cute. I hate Brianna. I wish that there were about 50 more pages though. :)

i want more ryan and sarah zzz

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