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Love Overboard (2005)

Love Overboard (2005)

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Another of Evanovich’s early romance novel writing efforts, this one was either a very early work, or one of the later ones where she began to chafe at the confines of romance writing. The romance in this novel seems a bit by-the-book and doesn’t blend well with the characters and action. The book just isn’t smooth.It begins with pirate descendant Ivan Rasmussen standing on the deck of his schooner when he sees Stephanie Lowe go tumbling down a hill. She’s on her way to his boat to work as ship’s cook in place of her cousin Lucy, who’s getting married. Stephanie has to cook on a woodstove, and has a few mishaps, but rallies okay. Ivan watches her with bemusement and a growing attraction. Throughout their working cruise, Stephanie and Ivan flirt a lot. When the cruise is over, Ivan winds up renting a room in Stephanie’s house, which she bought from him before the story began. Melody, another character they meet on the boat, also comes to stay and work at the inn the house has become. The house is supposedly haunted, and a corpse keeps showing up and disappearing. Stephanie falls into Ivan’s arms—and bed. Eventually, they perform a stake-out to find the cause of the strange nighttime happenings, and find that Melody and Stephanie’s cousin Lucy had been behind the tricks, hoping to get Ivan and Stephanie to fall in love. Embarrassed, Stephanie leaves town for a couple weeks, but decides she really does love Ivan. Ivan had waited for her, and they live happily ever after.As usual, Evanovich’s characters were zany, had funny things happen to them, and delivered humorous dialogue. The romance was sprinkled evenly throughout, but sill didn’t quite gel with everything else. Not her best book, but I didn’t hate it.

This is not my first Janet Evanovich book, but it IS the first one I've listened to on audio book. I definitely liked the story and I loved the characters in it. I think listening to it on audio book added more dimensions to the characters and I had more insight into their personalities.I really liked the relationship between Steph and Ivan. They were funny together, and matched up very well. I also really enjoyed the storyline with the ghost of Tess, and the mysterious dead body that kept appearing everywhere at Haben (Haven? I was listening so I'm unsure how to spell it).The only issue I had was that it was almost like there were TOO many stories going on at once. First they were on the boat and there was the ghost with the knife, then there was the ghost of Tess in the house that was causing all the problems there... and then the mystery of the disappearing and reappearing dead guy. I could have done without all of those plots going on at once, but it was still a great book that made me laugh and kept me occupied while I walk on the track.Evanovich is always a great easy read, I'll definitely try to read more of these re-released pre Plum books.

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I am still so envious of all the talented authors like Janet Evanovich that can sit down and write fiction! How do they do it? As you are reading you are literally carried on wonderful exciting and mysterious journeys, be it in a kitchen, on a ship or having your vehicle destroyed on a regular basis. If the character is pastry chef you become a pastry chef. If the character is a bounty hunter you mysteriously become a bounty hunter. If the character is an ex-cop, you automatically become an ex-cop. Well I just have lived a very short time as an ex-cop thanks to Janet Evanovich and her book “Love Overboard”. Not only do I recommend this book but any book that she writes will keep you glued to the pages until the journey is complete. I have read 26 of her books so far and my goal is to read each and every one that she has published. If you haven’t already, read her books, you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie... a recovering policewoman - who specialized in working with teens... and the shore.... she buys an old house, who has a ghost, and is falling apart, with plans to make it a bed and breakfast. Unexpectedly she spends a week on an old sailing ship that takes passengers cruising for a week... as the cook - and she doesn't cook.. The captain, Ivan, is good looking, seller of her home, with pirate blood. They are attracted to one another (of course). She makes it through the week, and by the end of the week can make some tasty meals. He becomes a tenant of her bed/breakfast over the off season/winter. They become lovers, he accepts the depth of his feelings faster than her... and problems continue at the house. We find out at the end, he only sold the house so he would have $ to invest in the family shoe company that employed many of the town... and to pay him back, they were trying to get Stephanie to sell it back to him dirt cheap...and of course, theyall live happily ever after.

This was a re-print of a book originally released in 1992 in the Loveswept series. I occasionally like to read these "snack" stories because they are quick and entertaining without being verbose. This one hit my shelf because I just fell in love with Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.There's no doubt in reading it that it predates Plum. The humor is there in the strong, funny lead female character that shows she's human with some average insecurities. The male character, while charming, is fully a dream. He falls in love immediately, he knows it despite being a confirmed bachelor and womanizer, and he tells her he loves her first. (Yeah, right!)So it's one of those average quick reads by an author that displayed her talents in her first books. It's just what you expect: funny situations, fast-paced action and dialogue, likeable characters and, as the author says, "some getting naked".PS. I've read a lot of books where men and women's genitals are called any number of things. This is the first (and hopefully the ONLY) time I've heard of a woman's privates referred to as her "doodah".

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