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Love Remains (2010)

Love Remains (2010)
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Love Remains (2010)
Love Remains (2010)

About book: Talk about boring..... ugh I skipped about 70%.... who am I kidding, 90% of this book. It was really slow, the characters weren't interesting (more like annoying) and there wasn't any real chemistry between the Zarah (a name I don't like) and Bobby (whose attitude I really didn't like because he couldn't stand any of the women at his church for the simple fact that most of the them were blonde and he assumed they all wanted him.... please!). The reviews on the book said that it was witty and funny..... um what? I must have missed that part. Anyways don't buy this book there is no substance to it and I usually like laid back not too deep story lines but there was just no story at all. I really wanted to like this one more than I did. It was fun to see a lot of the places in Nashville that I know - especially the church which is modeled after the author's real church that I happen to attend as well. But I felt like a lot of the story lines were only partially developed. Nothing ever really happened with the singles class after the minister made his proclamation (which I wanted to punch him for). And the FBI training was kinda glossed over. Kaye had all these devices to set up stories that she didn't chase. Maybe it will go further with the next book...only time will tell.It's a great idea for a story, but it just feels a little slammed on the page. The story probably should have been given a little more time to age and work out where it wanted to go instead of being chopped up and forced into the mold.
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Just a quick, fun read with interesting characters and a good plot.
I liked this book. Can't wait to start the second in the series!
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