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Love Scars: Bad Boy's Bride (2014)

Love Scars: Bad Boy's Bride (2014)

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About book Love Scars: Bad Boy's Bride (2014)

Anna doesn't know what to think. Ordered by her father to come to a broken down house and wait. Wait for what? When he comes for her there is nowhere to run. He claims he owns her. That she is his. David Strelkov is after revenge. And Anna was his golden ticket to a front row view. His plan was to use her for his own needs. One look, one touch and his plans change. Their families are at war. And the two of them are currently the main players. Let the games begin.I will admit when I first started reading this book I so wanted to dislike David. He was a bad boy. A murder. A brute. But also so much more. Anna started out like a newborn colt. Afraid of standing up for herself. It was interesting to watch her grow into more than that.It was a faced paced read but there were s o many twists and turns that it seemed longer. A definite must read. Another awesome book from Nicole Snow!To save his own life, Anna's father gives her to David without her knowing. David wants Anna so he can get revenge from her father. Anna is shocked when she finds out what's going on. So she decides to get her own revenge against her father and surrenders to David. However, her father won't give up easily and will try to stop David from claiming Anna. Will he be able stop David and get Anna back?This is a great story. It has a lot of twists, action and steamy scenes. It keeps you guessing what will happen next and you'll not be able to stop reading.Loved David and Anna. Since the beginning there was a spark between them. They were very attracted to each other and when they give in to that lust their relationship evolves from lust to love .David is a total alpha male: he is protective and possessive, he has a filthy mouth and he is very sexy, but he can be very sweet too.Anna is a strong young woman that is in a difficult situation. She has to make some difficult decisions and face their consequences.Nicole Snow's books just keep getting better and I can't wait to read more of her work!

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3.75 stars wow what did I just read it was good but wow

supppper slutty smutty novella.

Guilty pleasure! enough said!

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