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Love Unrehearsed (2012)

Love Unrehearsed (2012)
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Love Unrehearsed (2012)
Love Unrehearsed (2012)

About book: I truly truly loved this book... It was great seeing Ryan and Taryn grow and really become strong partners... Chapter 11 is just hot! And the story really went into some unexpected story lines which was really refreshing. Here is my only gripe... After living and loving these character through 2 books, and highly anticipating their joyous union in marriage, their honeymoon and life afterwards... I felt 100% cheated that the book just fast forwards like 3 years! I feel like I missed sooooo much love and depth and great moments with these two. I know it might have added 1000 extra pages, but still, it just seems that lots of authors are adopting this "fast forward" process near the end of their books. And it just doesn't feel right.... Regardless of that the ending is still wonderful and the book is truly amazing and a great "happy the end" for these characters... I WANT TO FUCKING MARRY A GUY LIKE RYAN. PLEASE WHOEVER MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLS.I loved the book so much, for me it was a lot more consistent than the first one but the ending, I cant give it 5 stars because of the ending. It was so rushed. Don't get me wrong, I loved how it ended but it was a little too much information in a so little pages. And I missed Marie. I mean Taryn told us about Pete and Tammy but nothing about Marie. I guess she was was setting it up for the book about her but anyway. Oh how I would love another book about their life with the little baby and the producing company. Dont think its ever gonna happen though.
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Loved the first book.... Wish I stopped there.
Liked this, definitely want to read #3.
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