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Love You Hate You Miss You (2009)

Love You Hate You Miss You (2009)

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0061122831 (ISBN13: 9780061122835)

About book Love You Hate You Miss You (2009)

La verdad, es que esperaba algo más profundo de este libro. Para los quince años es bueno, pero para los 22, que fue cuando lo leí, se quedó corto.Elizabeth, marcó bien la debilidad por el alcohol de la protagonista, pero me faltó más. Tal vez le falto más emociones, sentimientos y el modo de llevar la adicción fue como de buenas a primeras ''decido no tomar más''. Un libro que me pareció sobre actuado en algunas partes, ya que no creo que nadie pueda controlar el impulso a una adicción, así tan frescamente.Recomendado para mujeres de hasta 19 años. I know I should've expected to hate this before I even thought about purchasing it, but I've read Elizabeth Scott before and loved her work so I hoped this book would be different.There's no character development here. Amy was an annoying whiny brat before her friend died and she's still an unchanged annoying whiny brat months later. She doesn't grow or learn a single thing over the course of the book, and she doesn't have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. She was a really unpleasant character and I didn't particularly care what happened to her.The rest of the characters were pretty one-dimensional and hard to believe. There was no plot. The writing style wasn't great for me. All around, I felt like this book pretty much failed.

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I cried a lot I love books that make me feel and this one definitely did that

Uff. Ich habe dazu nichts zu sagen.

It's a definite tear-jerker ;_;

Interesting story, realistic.

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